Trollhunters Season 3 Review!!!

The last season of Trollhunters is finally out!!!  The culmination of this epic show is here!!!  My questions will soon be answered!  Questions like: Who is the Pale Lady?  How exactly will the Trollhunters stop her?  What happened to Trollmarket and the Trolls after Gunmar took over?  Can the Trollhunters release Draal from Gunmar’s control?  Will evil overtake Claire after she overextended her abilities with the shadow staff?

All of these and more will be answered in this conclusion to Guillermo del Toro’s creative, breath-taking show.

Warning!  Spoilers everywhere in this post!



Jim – I admire Jim’s mercy.  Just because he has power doesn’t mean he has to use it.  He spared Draal, even though he could have ended Draal and their troubles with him.  His humanity, like Blinky said, is his greatest weapon.  Although Strickler keeps trying to convince him otherwise.  I just hope that Jim doesn’t become tempted and turn to the darker side.  He is the wielder of Daylight, after all.

But then Jim chose to sacrifice his humanity for the good of humankind and trollkind.



Became this:

Troll Jim 2.png

Just…just…no….WHY?!!  He was fine just the way he was!  But, at the same time, the gravity of his sacrifice sinks in.  He allowed his love for his family and friends to overcome his sense of self-preservation.  He chose darkness, no sunlight, and no normal dinners.  That was selflessness right there.  Plus, he’ll never graduate now, so I guess showing around those new students so he didn’t have to repeat sophomore year was kinda pointless.

Jim is just a great character in my opinion.  He moved from being unaware of trolls, to becoming their trollhunter, to becoming a troll himself.

And this is another example of why Trollhunters is better than most animated shows: Trollhunters displays permanent effects.  The permanent consequences of being at war.  Draal dies.  Vendel dies.  Angor Rot dies.  Bular dies.  Jim’s relationships with his teachers and unaware kids become fractured.  The parents learn of the danger their kids are in.  Jim eventually gives up his human life.

Just like HTTYD and the loss of Hiccup’s leg, the characters experience irreversible effects that make them better and allow them to go through great character arcs.  And that’s why I love fandoms that allow mature, heart-breaking themes with real gravity.

Claire – I can’t believe that Claire was possessed by Morgana!  That was SO creepy!  Especially when her eyes turned black and gold.  Possessed ClaireBut at least Claire is still herself after Jim and Toby find her soul.  I’m glad we got to see what the Shadow Realm is like – it was a really interesting, creative place.  It was almost dream-like, because Claire’s soul was stuck in a sort of hallucination or something.  I laughed so hard when every time her friends knocked something over, Claire just kept mumbling, “Finals are soon.  Need to study.”

At least Morgana did one good thing while controlling Claire – she scared off Jim’s rival.  That guy was really freaked out when she ordered a steak “raw and dripping with blood.”  I wonder what happened to him afterwards.  It seems the writers introduced him a little too late because they didn’t end up carrying that idea any further.  It would have been interesting to see, similar to how Miraculous appears to be bringing in Luka as a rival for Adrien.  Perhaps he’ll play a role in 3 Below?

Toby – Toby is still the same old supporting friend to Jim and Claire, but he’s not just the sidekick.  He gets into plenty of danger on his own, most of which he’s able to get out of.  I found it really funny when those real burglars found and tied him up and he noted that it really was burglars and not trolls that committed the crimes.  But then Jim just left his best friend at the end?  That was really sad – after all they had been through.  Toby started the adventure right by Jim’s side, and then Jim leaves on a new adventure and takes the girlfriend but not the best friend?  Talk about replacing…and Jim said he would never do that.  Then again, I guess Toby is the most logical candidate for protecting Arcadia.

Blinky – Blinky is now the leader of the trolls after Vendel died.  I feel that he is a responsible, caring leader, although, unlike Vendel, he is so kind that trolls don’t really obey him like they did Vendel.  Blinky’s probably right – Vendel’s cantankerousness was a good quality for him as a leader.  And Blinky is so encouraging to Jim!  He genuinely cares for Jim, but in a different way compared to Strickler.  He’s like Jim’s surrogate father, which is just so sweet.

Aaarrrgghh!!! – NO!  Aaarrrghh!!! was captured by Gunmar and about to be offered as a sacrifice!  He was so brave though!  He headed right back into enemy territory to gather information, and he was kind enough to save a TRAITOR of all people!  Aaarrrghh!!! has real heart, and sacrificed himself to save Blinky’s brother.  I’m glad he made it out though.  I would have hated for him to die again.

Draal – Draal sacrificed himself for Jim!!  It was SO SAD!!!  Poor Jim…he just wants to save the trolls…and the deaths keep stacking up.  But Draal, he is an honorable troll.  He continued to keep his oath to protect Jim until the very end.

Dictatious – I can’t believe he turned!  He was really loyal to Gunmar.  Was it because of Arrgghh!!’s choosing to save Dictatious and endanger himself?  Or was it just because it seemed convenient, considering the evil guys didn’t want him anymore?  Either way, he does appear fully committed now.  But…I’m not really fond of him.  He’s kind of annoying and doesn’t listen to others.  Also, he ate the entire pie!

Barbara – She is really artistic.  And her memories returned!  So…now she knows Jim’s secret.  And she is incredibly supportive and trusting of Jim!  Also, I sure hope she doesn’t use that blender after she put the goblin in it.  Eww.  Even if she washed it out with soap afterwards.

And she mended her relationship with Strickler!  I ship it!  But…Strickler is permanently stuck in troll form now because NotEnrique saved all of the changelings’ familars.  So…now…I’m not sure how it’s going to work out for her now.

Strickler – Strickler is nice now!  He’s helping and training Jim, but he’s also tempting Jim, so I’m kinda stuck in the middle with him.  I like Strickler and think he was a good villain and now a great ally, but he wants to pull Jim to the darker side.  Which brings up a moral struggle: Is it right to summon and utilize evil for the means of good?  This is a big challenge for Jim, but he ultimately chooses to embrace what Strickler calls his weakness: his humanity.  Until he becomes a troll, that is.  I used to think that Strickler was still wavering, or was the “evilish” mentor who wanted to help the good side, but by dabbling in dark arts, thus tempting the powerful main character to fall to darkness.  But when he started banging on the door yelling, “Young Atlas, you are not alone!” that broke my heart.  Strickler is fully committed and awesome because although he may express his love for Jim differently, he is a good mentor and father-figure for Jim too.

And Strickler has WINGS!!!  Like…whoa…and they’re animated pretty well too.  Thy reminded me of Razorwhip wings.

Steve Palchuck – He’s good too!  Except he did threaten to beat Jim up if they didn’t fix the gym teacher.  That ending to Bad Coffee though…I felt real sympathy for Steve.  He hides who is on the inside, because, secretly, he doesn’t want to be hurt by others.  He acts tough and bullies people to make himself feel better, but he is actually a really nice guy on the inside.

Angor Rot – 100% awesome!  He’s back!  He’s really really back!  My favorite troll villain and (in my opinion) the best villain of them all!  And…he turned nice at the end!!!  Character redemption for the villain – even better! Because it was true – Angor Rot only wanted power to save his homeland and people from Gunmar’s evildoing.  Instead, he ended up enslaved for centuries under the power of Morgana, then Strickler.  BUT THEN HE DIED AGAIN!!!  WHY?!  Angor could have been a great trollhunter with Toby and Arrgghh!!

Morgana – She is up there in my top favorite villains list, along with Angor Rot.  The hype and the creepiness building up to her revealing only enhanced her awesomeness.  And her name.  Morgana.  The fact that it’s supposedly cursed made it better.  Awesome!  The ending of the first episode got me loving her right away.  As a villain, of course.

When her hand reached out…I got chills.

But her backstory is meh.  Like, where did she come from?  Why is there an evil entity that existed before trolls and humans, but there’s no equal or better good entity who also existed before trolls and humans?  And how did a mortal (who became an immortal wizard) manage to stand his ground against an (almost) timeless being like Morgana?  I heard that she could also have been Merlin’s pupil, but I’m not sure where that came from…better watch those episodes again…

Alhen Morgana started summoning the Eternal Night and using her glowing golden power I was like, “That power is pretty bright if she’s trying to summon an Eternal Night.”

And…Merlin apparently cut off her hand and that is why she hates him.  Merlin supposedly used her hand to make the amulet.  But…her hand was flesh-colored, and the amulet’s stone is blue, and now her “chopped-off hand” is green…logic?  I’d really like to know more about how Merlin constructed the amulet and more backstory on Morgana.  Hopefully more will be uncovered in Wizards.  And hopefully Jim and the trolls will come back!

Gunmar – For me, Gunmar is a little…lackluster.  Especially compared to Angor Rot and the Pale Lady.  He’s kinda just like the big, hulking brute.  He does some thinking, but Queen Usurna and Dictatious were totally plotting against him and he had no idea.  And now that he’s got control over Trollmarket, it’s kinda like he’s sitting back and summoning more powerful people to do stuff for him.  Because he’s not powerful enough to do it himself.  All of this hype, so that he can go summon ancient evils, who happen to be cooler than him.  And after Morgana was released, she started plotting against him too!  That battle between Troll Jim and Gunmar though…that was amazing.  When Jim yelled, “In their darkest hour, I burn brightest!”  I was overloaded by the sheer awesomeness.

Merlin – That joke about being Jim’s father shook me.  I actually believed Merlin for like two seconds.  He’s kind of cranky and weird though.  And all that stretching and bone-popping…Definitely not my favorite character.  Although he looked pretty cool before he gave up his power to imprison Morgana.


But then Merlin became a jerk.  What kind of person doesn’t allow a son to go help his mother in a time of need?  Sure, Arcadia was at stake, but he just knocked Jim out and tied him up!  He was frankly honest with Jim though about what needed to be done, which was nice of him, but after the fact, he was just all like, “Well, Jim’s a troll now, so whatever.”  He didn’t console Jim.  He didn’t even console the friends and family!  It seemed like he didn’t care at all!  And I totally believed what the other characters said about Merlin just wanting his power back.  He seemed like that kind of guy.  I was hoping Morgana had killed him, but he was still alive afterwards, which made me angry.


-None of the Gumm-Gumms noticed that Aaarrrgghh!!! was wearing a mask and nothing else when he snuck into Trollmarket…like…what?  And even JIM didn’t know it was Aaarrrgghh!!! walking in until Aaarrrgghh!!! took off the mask.  It totally reminds me of one of my favorite Ninjago memes.


Sometimes I love cartoon logic.  This is really more of a con, but I’m putting it as a pro because cartoon logic is hilarious.

-When that guy got extremely mad at Toby, Claire, and Jim putting signs in the yard.

Hammes:  “Get that thing off my lawn!”

Claire:  “Um, it’s ok, sir.  I’m councilwoman Nunez’s daughter.  She wants just wants your support to help keep the neighborhood crime-free.”

Hammes: “If you don’t get that sign out of here, the crime rate’s about to go up!” 

Toby:  “Jeez, mister, it’s just a sign.  Everyone else’s got one.”

Hammes:  “I am running against her!  Hammes is my name!”

Toby:  “Gotta go!”

Claire:  “Let’s cheese it!”

Jim:  “Let’s go!”

Toby:  “Sorry you’re gonna lose!”

Hammes:  “Why, I oughta…come back here, you! I will chew you up and spit you out!”

-Jim was so sweet to Claire when she was sick.  He kept insisting that she take off, but she refused.  Silly girl.

-Toby stole a POLICE CAR!!!  And almost got away with it!  If he hadn’t jumped out…XD

So I’m Dating a Sorceress was really creepy, almost like horror, but it was a kids’ show, so it obviously wasn’t too bad.  Then again, it was Guillermo del Toro writing it.  But it was really good too.

-ANGOR ROT IS BACK!!!!!!  I screamed when Morgana brought back her champion!  Because Angor Rot is just THAT awesome!  What about the Inferno Copula though?  Does Morgana wear it?  Or is it destroyed forever and he owns his soul and can choose to serve her or not?  His eyes appear white, so I think it’s just like he was after his ring was destroyed.

-When Toby’s grandma just kept feeding those goblins cookies and the parents stared in horror as goblin guts splattered all around them XD.

-Merlin’s tomb is SUPER cool and all crystal-ly!  I love it.  Too bad the guy inside wasn’t worth looking for.  At least Merlin did one good thing – he fixed Jim’s amulet.

-At the battle of Killahead Blinky just ran away even though he claims that he helped a lot XD.

-There’s a power struggle between Angor Rot and Gunmar!  YES!  The best troll assassin in the world versus the personification of corrupted heartstone!

-We get to meet the new characters of 3Below!  TKrel and Ajahey’re pretty cool.  I like their characters, but I don’t really like Aja’s face.  Her eyes are ever so slightly just too far apart in my opinion.  But her delicate accent makes up for it.  It’s just ever so slightly strange.  I could listen to it all day trying to figure out what’s different.  Also, they were weirdly intelligent.  They are aliens, but for aliens, they had a lot of knowledge about earthly technology.

-THAT SCENE AT THE END OF A HOUSE DIVIDED!!!  It was SOOOOOO SAD!!!  His entire time with the Trollhunters, flashing before his eyes, and then his sinking into the tub…and…and…his times with Claire…and his family and friends screaming outside the bathroom…IT WAS SO GOOD BUT SO SAD *cries*

-Even though Jim is now a “hideous” troll Claire STILL loves him!  She is such a great girlfriend!

-When Aaarrrgghh!!! got really excited about the fact that Jim was a troll.  That was so cute.

“Hmm.  Troll.  Jim is troll.  Like Aaarrrgghh!!!  Jim troll!”  -Aaarrrgghh!!!  

-When Barbara started freaking out because Jim was eating the blender XD.  I guess he also got the troll appetite for normally inedible things.  It’s a good thing he didn’t eat it, because there were goblin guts in it.

-That battle where Jim was against Angor Rot and Gunmar.  I know I said that I liked Angor Rot being good, and I did, but it was pretty cool watching him fight like that before he turned.



-I don’t understand, how does a sign repel Gumm-Gumms?  It’s like there’s something secretly printed on the sign, but how would Ms. Nunez know that?

-That random guy that Claire blushed at.  I felt SO sad for poor Jim.  But Jim has braved a lot of dangers with Claire, and he has a solid relationship with her that doesn’t appear to be a fleeting crush, so I would think he would be a little more secure with her than that.  He was just downright rude to that new guy.

-The poor trolls have to keep relocating because they don’t have Trollmarket anymore.

-When the teachers drank the Grave Sand, they started acting like trolls.  That was sorta weird (and gross, especially when the teacher swallowed that sock).  But what I don’t get is why they walked and acted a little like zombies.  The teachers were weirdly twitchy, but even evil trolls don’t act like that.  It must have been because, like Strickler said, Grave Sand wasn’t meant to be consumed.  Also, they had a huge overdose of it.

-The parents know the Trollhunters’ secret now!  It’s both bad and good…now the parents know and can get in the way, but at the same time the parents can support and aid the kids.  I’m going to list it as a con, though, because I just don’t like it.  I like it when it’s focused on the kids more.  But it was pretty hilarious when the parents were the ones to knock out Darci’s father.  For parents who know and have to protect a dangerous secret, they’re good.

-Darci’s father.  He reminds me of that policeman guy in Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.  But this guy is a lot denser and way more annoying.  I mean, he just invited himself into Barbara’s house!!!  And then when she tried to kick him out he refused to leave!  Although he is a good father – he wants to protect his daughter from dating a troublemaker.

-Okay…HOW is the amulet working with a clip in it?!  (Side note: Claire wears a ton of clips…how many loose strands does she have?!)  And why…WHY Jim did you have to lose a piece?!  The amulet was beautiful just like it was…and then later when we see it there’s no clip…did Merlin find another piece?

-Merlin destroyed Jim’s Vespa!!!  Does Merlin have any idea how hard Jim worked for that Vespa?  The time he spent together with Blinky working on it?  He didn’t even ask Jim!  Although he did make Toby and Claire awesome armor, but still.  It’s a good thing troll Jim doesn’t need it.

-I don’t understand…why can’t Jim take off his suit?  Can’t he deactivate the amulet like normal?  I mean, he can’t really perform normal bodily functions with it on all the time.  Also, what’s with there being a glove on only one hand?

-Can you really break the Eclipse sword?  I mean, Morgana did, but…can’t he resummon it unscathed?

-Merlin is alive after all of this…I guess the writers want him alive for Wizards, but I don’t think his character is that great if they want to make him a main character.



Trollhunters season 3 was definitely the best season in my opinion.  But the ending of it was so sad…Jim is permanently a troll.  And suddenly he moves?!  Also, I thought trolls used the Heartstone to sustain and heal them.  So Jim leaves with the other trolls.  Logical, since the Heartstone of Trollmarket is destroyed.  But then Aaarrrgghh!!! stays?!  What?!  Can he even do that?  Also, Jim just leaves his best friend for, like, ever!  And Claire packs up and leaves too?!  Just like that?!  And her parents let her on top of that!!!  Well, she did have enough extra credits to graduate early.  Where is she going though?  New Jersey?  Is she going to live with Jim?  I personally would like to see a wedding if she’s going to do that.  Or is she just planning to move to New Jersey and have a nice little apartment and visit the trolls daily?  She’s got to have some kind of life plan, right?  Seems a little foolhardy to just rush off with Jim in my opinion.

Even though Jim and the Trollhunters won the day and defeated Morgana and Gunmar, the ending was bittersweet.  Jim and Claire left, and Toby and Aaarrrgghh!!! stayed behind, presumably because they have a role in 3Below.  I’d like to see a cameo or two of Jim and Claire too, though.  Anyway, I’m going to miss Trollhunters.  Of course, I can watch it again and again, and I’m going to be wanting to take that wild ride over and over, but it feels a little sad, seeing that this is how it all ends.

“Destiny…is a gift.  Never forget that fear is but the precursor to valor.  That to strive and triumph in the face of fear is what it means to be a hero.  Don’t think.  Become.”  -Jim

I’d like to thank Guillermo del Toro for creating this wonderful series and sharing it with all of us.  And Anton Yelchin and the rest of the voice actors for lending their talents to this project.  And Dreamworks, for sharing their fantastic animation skills.  Thanks for allowing us, the fans, to experience this magnificent, touching tale.


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