The Good Doctor Review PLUS Custom Lego Shaun Murphy!!!

So…I recently started watching The Good Doctor.


Shaun Murphy – 100% awesome.  Even with his blunt, social ineptness, he’s caring, friendly, and incredibly intelligent.  Freddie Highmore really plays the part well.  Shaun’s lilt is amusing, and his obsession with TV quite humorous.  His backstory is kind of depressing, but it’s also encouraging because he managed to rise above that and his own mental limitations.  I think Shaun’s ignorance of sarcasm is unusual.  Even if he has been socially isolated, it’s really difficult to believe that he knows absolutely nothing about it.  Most people are aware of concepts like sarcasm, even if they don’t understand it.

Shaun’s autism leads him into some very entertaining situations…

“I’ll give you the computer, but you need to apologize first.”

“Okay.  I’m sorry.  Turn on the computer.”

-Claire and Shaun

Claire Brown – She’s a pretty good character too.  I like the friendly relationship she has with Shaun.  And the flirting lessons!  That was hilarious.  Claire covers for Shaun when he needs it, and what he can’t do, she can, so they make a pretty good team.

“Here’s what to look for.  The pretentious giggle, the squirm, and the hair sweep.  I call it the flirting trifecta.”  

“Hair scuffing is used in both animals and humans, Claire. Secreting glands are located in the scalp and fur.  Scuffing sends hormones out into the environment to let a potential mate know they’re interested.  Or it could be ringworm.” 

“Yes, I suppose you have to factor for that possibility too.”

-Claire and Shaun

Jared Kalu – Aww.  He has a sad backstory too.  He’s not the main character, but he doesn’t get as much credit as he deserves.  Kalu tries his best to make his patients happy, and he spends his own time with them.

“The moment I catch my breath, I’m going to walk out of here, so you can just leave.”

“I’m not leaving.”

-Glen and Dr. Kalu

Also, he’s a real gentleman.  He defended Claire, and what does he get for it?  A pink slip!  I guess that’s what he should have gotten since he did assault an employee, but Claire should have been thankful!  Most guys today are not at all chivalrous, and if they are, girls say they don’t need help.  If a guy is going out of his way to be nice, the girl should appreciate it!

Dr. Aaron Glassman – His backstory isn’t revealed in great detail, but he is very protective of Shaun.  Dr. Glassman has known Shaun since he was 14, and he was the one who helped set Shaun on the path to becoming a surgeon.  I like Dr. Glassman and how he supervises Shaun, even though it’s not his responsibility.  And the bribing was funny.

“Shaun, what are you doing?”



“I want $1,643.”

“You can get that by counting?  That’s why you’re alone and pacing in this room?  What do you want the money for?”

“A television.”

“1,600 for a television?!”

“And 43.  I am a surgeon.  I get paychecks.”

“You’re not a surgeon yet; you’re a surgical resident.  There’s a big difference in the paycheck, pal.”

“I am not a child, pal.”

“How about 1,000 for a television?”

“No, the one I want is $1,643, okay?”

“I know, but you have a budget!  You, uh – rent, food, bills to pay.”

“I should do my own budget.  I have an MRI to do.”

-Dr. Glassman and Shaun


-How much Dr. Glassman cares for Shaun!  Shaun is not related to Dr. Glassman in any way, yet Dr. Glassman has put it upon himself to care for Shaun.

-Shaun himself.

-Steve.  Steve just treated Shaun like an average person and brother.  Shaun was right; Steve should have been able to grow up, reach adulthood, and have children of his own.

-The positivity of the staff.  They all work their best to provide excellent health care to their patients, no matter how impossible the task seems.

-The medical jargon.  This show contains all the medical stuff I could ever want to hear.  And yeah, it’s not real and a lot of these scenarios would probably never happen in real life, but just watching them solve puzzles and fix medical problems is pretty enjoyable.


-Dr. Coyle.  Enough said.

-Neil Melendez’s attitude.  First, he dislikes Shaun, then once Shaun’s hired, he puts him on scut work.  Really?  It’s not like Shaun’s going to decide to quit because of Melendez after all the work he went through in med school.  If Shaun’s there, Melendez should have accepted him and helped him succeed.  After Oliver, Melendez started trusting and teaching Shaun more, so I like him a little better now.

-Jared and Claire’s “relationship.”  Just why?  It has absolutely no plot merit at all, plus it’s totally immoral.

-Neil and Jessica’s relationship.  Once again, why?  Immorality, plus I had no idea they even knew each other until Not Fake.  I just thought she was a random lady.  Then they had to break up.  But why did this happen after they got engaged?!  One of the most important things that people talk about is “Do we want to have kids?”  This conversation normally comes up way before people talk about marriage, so why didn’t it pop up before?  Maybe they just assumed they would both agree whenever it came up?

-Leia.  I appreciate the idea of Shaun liking somebody, but after that, where does it go?  I thought Shaun enjoyed being alone, and also if he has such social limitations, how can he manage to keep up a relationship with somebody?  I would prefer it if Leia and Shaun were just good friends, like Claire and Shaun.  Also, I can’t believe Shaun was going to drop everything and follow her to Hershey, Pennsylvania!  I thought he was way more logical than that!

-Jared getting his job back.  Why?  He got fired – end of story!  What is it about this job that makes it so alluring?  Is it just the fact that he thinks he’s been wrongfully fired?  Or is it that he just really likes Melendez?  That’s what he told Melendez, after all.

Anyway, enough review.  Let’s get to the real point of this post:

Lego Shaun!!!

In my Lego town, I choose not to mix classic Lego people and minidolls.  I don’t really like minidolls, although their clothes do look nice.  Instead, I simply take the hair for my minifigs, place the rest of the minidolls in storage and put their houses in the town.  After placing the hospital in the town, I realized I had nobody to work in my new hospital!

I thought, “Who better to work at my hospital than Shaun?”  And so I named my hospital St. Bonaventure and set to work.  Since I had absolutely no pieces to build him with, I was forced to order off Bricklink.

Using this image as a reference, I carefully selected my pieces.

IMG_0878 (2).PNG

Unfortunately, Brick Takeover was one of the only places carrying the lab coat, legs, and head pieces that I wanted.  Brick Takeover is located in Germany, and so even though the pieces themselves only cost about $8 and my shipping about $3 1/2, I ended up paying around $20 because of the unmentioned $7 insurance.  So if you’re ordering from a foreign country, don’t forget to account for surprise fees just in case.  Even with the extra fee, I was satisfied with Brick Takeover’s handling of my order.

I ordered the hair piece from All My Bricks.  Unfortunately, the hair piece I wanted did not come in brown, so I settled for dark brown, which seems to match the reference picture I had.

Anyway, here he is!!!


Shaun waiting at the bus stop.


FullSizeRender (1).jpg
Shaun getting on the bus.


Shaun going inside San Jose St. Bonaventure hospital.
Shaun helping Evan from 2.3 Percent

Since I had some spare minifig pieces lying around, I decided to build a Dr. Melendez and a Claire Brown.

Claire and Shaun getting on the helicopter so they can retrieve the liver in Oliver.


Vitruvius: My foot hurts like crazy!  I think I must have stabbed it with my staff!

Melendez: But you’re a ghost.  You shouldn’t be able to feel pain.

Vitruvius:  Of course not!  Normal pain, that is.  It’s phantom pain!

Shaun picking out an apple in the grocery store in Apple.

Heh heh…so I’m having a lot of fun with my new Shaun Murphy 🙂




Want to make your own Lego Shaun Murphy?

Buy the parts here:

Tousled Hair with Side Part

Dual Sided Head with Slight Smile

Torso Hospital Lab Coat

Legs with White Hospital Lab Coattails


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