My New Favorite Show…

What do you do when you’re bored and want to watch TV but there’s nothing good on and the new episodes of the shows you want to watch are coming out not tomorrow, but in two weeks?

Watch Trollhunters, of course.Thanks to CrazyAboutDragons’ Trollhunters posts, I figured out this show must be good.  After all, if it’s worth posting about, it’s worth trying, right?

And it was created by Dreamworks, the same animation studio that makes HTTYD!  So I gave it a shot.  And was instantly obsessed.


Jim=100% awesome.  To have an amulet and cool trolls at your back?  Must be a pretty nice life.  And he has some great qualities as a hero.  He’s intelligent (of course every hero needs to be that), he’s caring (so caring he will lie to his mother so she doesn’t worry about him), he’s analytic (able to manipulate battle situations to his benefit), and self- sacrificing (he chooses to live a double life so that he can protect a secret troll civilization).  Also, he’s nice enough to continue to run errands for Bagdwella even though her tasks aren’t really typical Trollhunter duties.  Seriously, why did she even need a curse in a box to be delivered to her sister? Did Bagdwella not like her sibling or something?

No offense, but Jim’s really skinny for a master chef.  Just look at him!


It appears that most people in this cartoon have very thin legs.

He looks good in the armor, but as a normal teen, he just appears really tall and lanky.  No wonder Steve Palchuck almost beat Jimbo up.  At least that height gives him a little advantage when he’s fighting huge trolls.  But Angor Rot is even taller than Jim and most trolls.  So that extra height really doesn’t help Jim there.

Toby=A great friend, but a little on the doubtful side.  He’s loyal, but his intelligence is very questionable.  He had to open that box.  And he left no magical word-eating potion for Jim.  That was probably a good thing though because he ended up getting sick and spitting all that knowledge out anyway.  At least Toby always has a taco handy.  That really helped them out at Gatto’s.

“It’s like Taco Tuesday, but it’s on a Friday!” -Wyldstyle, The Lego Movie

Claire= Also awesome.  She’s smart-another great female heroine.  Plus she’s not the type to randomly fall for a guy just because.  I feel kind of sorry for her because NotEnrique invaded her house and posed as her brother.  At least it would have taken the real Enrique a little time to grow up and become annoying.  I wonder if NotEnrique has a troll name.  Mr. Strickler isn’t called NotStrickler.


Aaarrrgggh=really awesome.  I love how he and Toby kept calling each other “wingman.”  It was really cute.  But then the creators killed Aaarrrgggh!!!  Why???  Also when I first saw him I thought, “Wow, this guy looks a lot like Cloudjumper!”  His face’s features really do resemble Cloudjumper’s.  Also, why does Aaarrrghh (along with every other troll) like socks?  There’s like no nourishment at all in those!  Cartoon logic plays a large factor here.

Blinky=Having a troll for a replacement father must be pretty cool.  Especially a really old and wise troll.  Maybe he’s not that old, but he sure makes it sounds that way.  Either that or he’s really wise.  Blinky as a human was pretty funny too.

Draal= He was really formidable in the beginning, and I thought, “Oh, great, so there’s the human bully Steve PLUS a massive troll bully?”  Later Draal, after being defeated, becomes good friends with Jim after moving into Jim’s basement.  Jim was really surprised when he found a hole in the basement that led to the sewers of all places.  I was too.  Draal could have at least asked before he did that.

Bular=Was pretty cool.  That is until he died.  I love how threatening Bular is.  And his gait and posture and presence all contribute to that.  Gunmar sounds cool in theory-a guy so evil he’s trapped in the Darklands and came from a corrupted Heartstone.  Bular’s got motives, unlike Steve.

Angor Rot=100 times cooler than Bular.  Poor guy- yet another villain with a tragic backstory.  I wonder if Angor Rot has realized that it is actually his fault his soul’s been destroyed.  Hey, his sword ended up hitting it after all.  You’d think that after he broke the ring open the soul would go back to Angor Rot though.  And his yellow eyes were better looking in my opinion than his white eyes, which are just plain creepy to me.

FullSizeRender (2)

FullSizeRender (3)

Some images of Angor Rot’s amazingness.

Also, I feel so sorry for Anger Rot!  All he wanted was to be able to avenge his people, and he gets controlled for centuries by that witch lady?

Steve= needs help.  Poor Steve.  Why does he act like he does?  He has no motives at all for acting that way.  He’s kind of like Chloe Bourgeois-he’s just mean because he can be.  On the other hand, it could be because he’s really insecure.  That was hilarious when he started thinking that everybody was him.

Mr. Strickler=worst principal ever.  I wonder if he used a sick day when the pixies invaded.  Also, why didn’t the school fire him after his “extended leave”? Maybe he later sent an email telling them he’d eventually return?


-Jim’s armor and amulet!  It’s all glowy and it’s got words written on it!  Plus it gives you a glowing suit of armor.  And the idea of having another saying to activate a different suit of armor?  Genius.  I wonder what that is.  I’ve heard that it’s an Eclipse sword that allows him to wield moonlight.  I don’t think that moonlight kills trolls though…so…I don’t know how that’s going to work for him.  Also, I was still confused as to how Jim was going to get through Killahead bridge with his amulet if his amulet is what keeps the bridge open.  When he jumped through the bridge portal in the last episode his amulet didn’t come with him.  So why didn’t his friends just jump in after him?  Cartoon logics again.

“For the glory of Merlin, daylight is mine to command!” -Jim Lake

-The mole and Toby’s daydream/pixie-induced nightmare with it.  Then it turned into his grandmother which was really frightening for him.  Later on, we see his grandmother, and she’s actually really nice.  Toby even appreciates her like he should, unlike most other fictional teenagers who don’t respect their elders enough.  For example, the Ninja.

-Jim’s mother.  Totally reminds me of Misako and Lloyd.  Barbara really cares for Jim.  But he cooks way better than she does.  And he apparently uses his knife skills to throw a sword.  I don’t know about you guys, but I’d find it at least a little difficult to adapt to throwing a huge sword instead of tiny cooking knives.

IMG_0857 (2).PNG

But why Jim why???  All you had to do is tell your mom after!!!  And you have at least three trolls on your side to prove it!  Also, instead of telling her about trolls in the middle of an emergency, you can now tell her when there’s no imminent danger!  She lost her memory anyway, so it’s not like she’ll remember you already showed it to her.  Now she can experience the glory of Trollmarket without worrying about Angor Rot.  But of course, he just started lying again.  I guess the writers had to do that because if they didn’t Barbara would always be stalking Jim on his missions and messing up stuff.  It would be cool if Jim’s friends trained her and she was like Valka – well trained and very formidable.  Then she would be an asset, along with Mr. Strickler.

-Mr. Strickler and Barbara.  At first I didn’t like them – I thought it was another weird teacher getting in with the mom like Frank Giannini did with Mia’s mom Helen Thermopolis.  Then after I came to find out he was a changeling I knew he was trouble.  When he gave Gunmar’s Eye to Jim he redeemed himself in my eyes.  Now I totally ship Mr. Strickler and Barbara.  Unfortunately, Jim’s probably going to rescue Mr. Strickler’s familiar, so Strickler will be stuck in his troll form forever.  If Barbara starts dating him she’ll have to make up an excuse.  Maybe he has a condition that turns his skin green.  That doesn’t explain his huge orange nose though.

-The Inferno Copula.  The name is cool.  The ring looks awesome.  The ring’s function is even better – if you wear it, you can control a lethal troll assassin and he can’t hurt you!  I totally need one of these.  Also, I was looking up the meaning of ‘Inferno Copula’ and directly translated from Latin it means “hell’s bond.”  Wow – interesting name!

-Nomura.  I really like her name.  And most people say they don’t like her looks, but the truth is, she’s got kinda feline-like grace to her.  Her color also works with her design pretty well in my opinion.

-Coach Lawrence.  He’s a really…interesting teacher.  Toby seems to have the same PE problems with him that Brick from The Middle has with his PE teachers.  Only, unlike Brick, who reads in his free time, Toby would rather play video games.  Also, Coach Lawrence appears to have a very interesting approach to teaching about the digestive system.

-NotEnrique.  He’s pretty lovable when he’s not going around trying to ruin Claire’s life.  And he’s really nice when Claire is sad.

-That time when Jim tried to show Claire his amulet and it utterly failed.  I just about died there – I was laughing so hard.  And in front of his crush of all people!


-Mr. Strickler and Barbara’s relationship.  I know I just listed them as a pro, but they’re also a con in a way.  At least for poor Jim.  It kind of reminds me of Wu and Misako – they really do like each other, but them being together causes more problems than it solves.  So I guess I’m kind of conflicted.

-Angor Rot’s death.  WHY???  I guess Angor Rot did need to die eventually.  After all, if every villain kept not being defeated it wouldn’t make for much of a show.  Viggo in RTTE, anyone?  By the way, Viggo is STILL alive!!!  Seriously!  Every villain’s got to have an end at some point!  Although I still feel like Angor Rot died too soon.  His death chronologically helped speed the show along for the epic finale and stuff, but at the same time, I’m still sad that he had to die RIGHT then.  I need more Anger Rot!!!

-Bular’s death.  In the beginning, it seems like Bular is the worst villain that Jim could ever face, since Gunmar is so far off in the future he’s not really a concern.  Then we meet Angor Rot.  Bular’s death just seemed…a little too easy.  Jim was more experienced than before, but he just killed Gunmar’s son.  Like, the son of the personification of evil born from the corrupted Heartstone itself.  (I can’t even imagine Gunmar dating.  That sounds so weird).  Because Bular’s death seemed so trivial, this is probably why I actually thought for a minute that the Bular Strickler was seeing was real.  Hey, I didn’t know what a pixie was yet!

-Senor Uhl’s Spanish class.   Why is he SO mean?  Poor Jim.

-Human Blinky.  I liked the idea of Blinky becoming a human and all, but I don’t understand exactly how he became a human just because he took the Roman penny.  Science??  I thought Blinky was smarter than that.

Well, so those are some of my thoughts on the show.  I really enjoy this show; it’s animated and appears to be for kids, but it’s also got a bunch of cooler and more mature parts to it.  I’ve noticed that lots of people recommend it for both kids and adults.

I would recommend it to pretty much anyone.  It’s a great show.  Good quality animation and the storyline and plot flows nicely.  This is definitely a show that I’ll be keeping up with.

Oh, and here’s some awesome Trollhunters fanart!!!

Mark of the Hunted by Snitewing

Bular by Dravening

Armor of Eclipse by unknown

Jim and Claire by unknown




Fanart-Trollhunters by zkoyllar
TH by USSUnterprise
Angor Rot by CalistoZom
Barbara Lake by TOMEart




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