A Series of Fortunate Events

I have procured some new fandom related things!  Behold!

First up is the thing I’m most excited about: La-Loyd!!!

I already posted about him in one of my Inktober posts, but I thought you guys might want to hear the story behind him.  So ever since I had seen the reveal of the new Lego Ninjago Movie Collectible Minifigs off of RamblingBrick’s blog here, I wanted him.  Even if I hated the movie and his look, I wanted that hoodie.

I searched once, and ended up getting so frustrated with all of the Misakos (seriously, why are there so many Misakos and not Lloyds?) that I randomly picked out one, which turned out to be Sensei Wu.  I was really angry at myself because I didn’t pick Cole (who had a cool radio) or Misako (who did have a nice shirt, she just wasn’t who I was aiming for).  Of course, I had to pick the most boring minifig ever.  I have about three Sensei Wus already.  They’re the ones from the show, but since his design didn’t change much, I didn’t really think I needed another one.  Luckily I got some corn flakes with it.  Now Lloyd has something to put in his bowl.

I searched again and ended up getting Jay.  This time I picked him because I couldn’t find a Lloyd and also because he had a cool phone and selfie stick.

Finally, I searched one more time and I found it-a cereal bowl.  Was it Lloyd?  I didn’t feel Garmadon’s helmet in it…so it must have been.  And it was.  YES!

Also…I have yet another Lloyd.  I really wanted his hair and the dragon blueprint, so I went out and felt for another.  I found him (on my first try too)!


The second thing that I’m going to show you guys today…is..wait for it…it’s coming…

3-D printed Toothless!!!  My friend Z’s dad got a 3-D printer, and Z was allowed to use it.  I asked him if he could make me a little Toothless, and he did!  He used a file that he found off Thingiverse.  It’s so cute, right?


The model was printed all in black, and it reminded me of a sculpture, but all of my friends and family thought it would look better if I painted eyes on it.  The paint makes it a lot cuter!

Finally…dun dun dun…


I recently received the Green Ninja Mech dragon from my parents.

Of course, I had to post about it!


Lloyd and Hiccup working together to build the Mech Dragon.  Toothless would help too, but he doesn’t have hands.  And obviously Garmadon is trying to prevent Lloyd from building this epic weapon.


Toothless is now wondering exactly what Hiccup has gotten them into…


The Mech Dragon is out terrorizing the town!

Toxikita is considering asking her parents to get her a Mech Dragon for her birthday.


Go away Nadakhan!


You can have this treat as soon as you do a handstand.


What have you done Garmadon?  You’ve released Meowthra!

So…you can tell I’m really enjoying my new dragon.

You may have noticed that I did not apply some stickers.  This is because I wanted the dragon to look ‘alive’ in my town, not like a robot.  I also changed out the head/neck joint.  If you own the Mech Dragon, you may have noticed that its second joint (the one closer to the head) turns side to side instead of up and down.  I did not like that because it made the dragon appear stiff, like it had a rod up his neck or something.

So I changed its neck joint to an up and down one.  ( I really have no idea what that piece is called, but I really don’t care either).  I feel that it makes it appear more natural.

I also changed out its tongue colors.  The purple and pink were…just incredibly garish and I hated it.  It was pretty easy to change out.

Can I just say that I really love its head design?  The pieces over the eye give it ‘eyebrows’ and I find the construction of the eye and socket pretty cool.  I would have never thought to use handlebars for it.  The molded snout and jaw is a little disappointing, but I can’t think of a better way to do it.  Those two pieces do contribute, and I don’t think that a look like that could have been easily achieved with other pieces.

Overall, I really like this dragon.  I know that in my Lego Ninjago Movie Trailer review I ranted about its looks, but the truth is it’s really the angle and the disappointment of it not being as awesome as it was in the movie.  Once you get over that, it’s a great set.

Anyway, I just wanted to share this stuff with you guys, because it’s awesome!  Got to go and play with my dragon some more…




Want to print your own 3D Toothless?
Toothless by derailed






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