2017 Inktober #29-31

I have finished Inktober!!!

Since there were only three drawings, I decided to go a little bigger with my final drawings.

#29 United

As soon as I saw this word on the list I knew what I had to do.


#30 Found

This is Jim Lake’s Amulet of Daylight from Trollhunters.  He’s collected and found the three Triumbric stones that will help him defeat Gunmar.

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

“For the bane of Gunmar, Eclipse is mine to command!” -Jim Lake

That is probably the best part of the show.  That’s not counting the part where Angor Rot first shows up.

#31 Mask


Civilian Lloyd vs Green Ninja Lloyd.  Both are Movie Lloyds.

So…I made it through my first Inktober!  I only skipped one prompt.  And I’m satisfied with most of the drawings I got out of it.  Will I be participating in Inktober next year?  As Zane would say, “Affirmative.”




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