2017 Inktober #15-21

#15 Mysterious

My friend and I have been playing around with our Star Wars and Lloyd minifigures.  I had been searching high and low all over town for a hooded Lloyd figure.  Finally, I stumbled across him at Target and I instantly bought him.

She put a Star Wars gun in his hands, and Gangsta Lloyd was born.  image

Of course I had to draw him too.  What is more mysterious than a hooded teen holding a weapon?  I guess it’s not so mysterious now, since I told you who he was…

Edit: At my friend’s urging I decided to include some of her funny Gangsta Lloyd memes…enjoy!

image (1)

image (3)


So true.  Don’t mess with La-Lloyd’s candy.

#16 Fat

I didn’t really know what to draw, so I just drew some chubby adorable baby Night Furies.


#17 Graceful

I had this idea of a charging stallion.  Of course I had to add a horn.  After seeing Sandara’s Black Mountain Unicorn, I knew I had to do something powerful, beautiful, and magical.


#18 Filthy

Due to time constraints (and having no idea what to draw) I skipped this one.  I’m hoping this is the only one that I have to skip.

#19 Cloud

This is a drawing of Toothless flying upside down.  I didn’t really try too hard on Hiccup, but Hiccup is reaching out to touch the cloud beneath.


#20 Deep

Once again, I was without an idea, so I asked my friends, and one of my friends said I should draw a bottle at the bottom of the sea.  I thought that was a cool idea, but what if inside the bottle there was a ship?


Note: The water is really not that deep, but to the tiny people on that ship, it probably is.

#21 Furious

What else could the subject of my drawing be?

Night Furies have the word ‘fury’ in their name…so of course they fit.


I was going to ink it…but ran out of time.

So…that’s it for now!  Expect more drawings next week!



Lloyd memes by The Dolphin Violinist






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