2017 Inktober #8-14

Hello everyone!  I’m back with more Inktober drawings!

I had a lot of fun this week.  Inktober is really cool once you get into the habit of it!

#8 Crooked

One of my Ninjago OCs is quite crooked.  Jasper Stewart happens to be a very good thief and the Elemental Master of Storms.


In my AU he is employed by EVIL, a group of all the fallen villains from Ninjago who have banded together to stop the Ninja.  Jasper is known among the evil populations as ‘An Elite, a Chosen One.’  The Elementals who have joined EVIL are known as this because they are typically well trained in weapons and have mastered their elements, making them highly valuable.

#9 Screech

Screech was kind of hard for me to think of something, but then I thought of Bansha from Ninjago.  Bansha is one of Morro’s generals.  According to Lego’s official Ninjago website, she has the abilities to mind-meld and scream at really high decibels.

Her name is a play off of the mythical beings of Irish folklore called banshees.  They were supposedly spirits in the forms of women who wailed when someone was about to pass away.

I like this drawing a lot.  I feel it’s one of my better ones.

FullSizeRender (5)

#10 Gigantic

The Bewilderbeast is known as the King of Dragons.  It is common for Bewilderbeasts and other gigantic dragons to be the Alpha simply because they can dominate over other challengers with their size.

FullSizeRender (4)

#11 Run

Run Inktoeber 11 2017

#12 Shattered

Shattered was a really hard prompt for me to complete.  I just wasn’t sure what I could draw, but a new series I read gave me an idea.  In it, the main character, Selah, has been transitioned into a novarium, which is a special type of person.  She has to find a group of Landers called the Third Protocol, or she will fracture.  In the third book, ‘fracturing’ is described in more detail.  The person’s mind destabilizes, and they basically go mad.  Their eyes are depicted as being bloodshot and having “star-shaped cataracts” in them.  I reasoned that shattered things are the same as fractured, right?

FullSizeRender (1)

#13 Teeming

FullSizeRender (2).jpg

Sketchbooks are full of ideas.  At least mine is.

#14 Fierce

FullSizeRender (3).jpg

This person is Tatsu, the Queen of Dragons.  She is also from my Ninjago AU and is pretty much the leader of EVIl.  Tatsu has the ability to morph into a Maelstrom Dragon, hence her wings.  She also possesses the ability of mind control.  Cold and calculating, she will fiercely fight for what she wants, regardless of the damages inflicted on her opposition.

We’re getting into the good prompts now!  I have some great ones planned!  That is, if I find the time…



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