2017 Inktober #1-7

Hey guys!  So as most of you artists probably know, it’s October now!  The reason everybody’s been so excited for October?  Not because of all the fall-themed things coming out or Halloween, but because of what we call Inktober!

If you don’t know what Inktober is, you can find out more about it here on the official Inktober website.

Due to time constraints, I was not able to complete Inktober last year, but this year I am prepared!

I know it’s called Inktober, but I’m going to use pencils too, both for under drawings and completed drawings.  Depending on what I feel like, I will be switching between pencils, pens, and ink.

Every week, I will post the seven drawings I have done during the week, until the challenge is complete.  I will be using the official 2017 Inktober prompt list, found on the website that I linked above.

Anyway, here are the drawings I’ve completed this week!

#1  Swift

What is swifter than a Night Fury?  Probably nothing.  Or at least no other animal.  I just had to do it.  I have done smaller scale inked Night Furies in the past, but had never done an entire Night Fury because I felt like it would just take a lot of time.  However, so I could have a great start to Inktober, I chose to do a whole Night Fury.  Enjoy!

Toothles ink Inktober 1-17

#2 Divided

For ‘divided’ I chose to go with Lloyd and Garmadon.  Because of destiny, Lloyd and Garmadon have been divided.

2017 Inktober Garmydon

“Brother vs brother, now son vs. father.” -Wu, The Green Ninja, Ninjago

The green fire is for Lloyd’s element.  Because of his being the Green Ninja and inheriting the element, he must face his father, thus dividing them.

The snake is the Great Devourer.  Because of its biting Garmadon, which turns him evil, Garmadon is separated from his son in his mad quest for power.

Note: I do not draw humans, therefore I apologize for my terrible anatomy.  Garmadon didn’t really turn out the way I wanted but I’m not too disappointed, he looks better than I thought he would.

#3 Poison

Another Ninjago-themed drawing!  What (or really who) is more poisonous than the Elemental Master of Poison herself?


You could probably already tell, but I’m kind of using Inktober as an opportunity to practice my anatomy.

#4 Underwater

It took a lot of thinking to get an idea for this one.  I kind of wanted to do a mysterious, beautiful mermaid like Serafina, but on the other hand I really wanted to give her a Night Fury tail, because…why not?  So I decided on a fun mermaid who’s kind of leaning back and looking behind her.  I only realized after I drew it that it is anatomically possible, but very uncomfortable.  However, if you are underwater, it’s probably not too uncomfortable to be leaning back because the water would support you.

Inktober 2017 Mermaid #4 Underwater

#5 Long

I also had to think a lot about this.  I considered doing Lloyd’s mech dragon because it is just SO awesome and because it was an Eastern dragon, meaning that its body style is longer than Western dragons.

After scrapping that idea, I thought about how long Rapunzel’s hair is.  The sheer length of it…imagine having to comb out that much hair everyday!  And how much conditioner you’d have put on it!


 #6 Sword

How could I not draw one of the Ninja?


#7 Shy

I had literally no ideas, but I just pulled out the concept of a woman and a fan.  And this drawing appeared.  She’s hiding behind her fan because she’s shy.

FullSizeRender (2)

Seems like Inktober’s starting out well!  That is, if I can get good inspiration.  I have so many ideas for some, but others just make me draw a blank.

Thanks for reading!  I’ll be back with more drawings next week!






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