Messing around with Dragons

Hey guys!  So here are a few dragon drawings I’ve been doing.  Enjoy!  

I talked a bit about trying some more inked Toothless drawings, but never got around to it.  I decided I wanted to do some more.  This is an angry Toothless.

photo 3 - Copy

Here’s happy Toothless.  I used a reference for the pencil sketch.  There is a new HTTYD comic called The Serpent’s Heir by Dean Deblois, director of HTTYD!  The art is really good, and I would definitely recommend it, both for a good story and for good references.

photo 4 - Copy

Another happy Toothless!

photo 2 - Copy (2)

While borrowing a few craft supplies from a family friend, I stumbled upon a turquoise blue alcohol marker with a brush tip and an average Sharpie.  Voila!

This is in no way any particular Night Fury.  I don’t think it’s Toothless.  It could be my OC, Fury, who is pure black, in fluorescent racing paint.  Or maybe it’s my new OC, Dream of Night, who does have turquoise coloring.  I’m still working on her markings though.

photo 1 - Copy (2).JPG

Finally, while I was at Best Buy trying out iPads, I drew this.


I really like the iPad Pro and its pencil.  It feels just like drawing on paper, only the look is digital.  I prefer it to my Intuos, although the Intuos is supposed to be intuitive.  It just doesn’t feel that way.  I wish I could get an iPad Pro, but I’m pretty sure it’s way out of my price range.  I’ll just have to settle with this drawing.

The face is a little dark, but that is because I didn’t really have the time I needed to perfect it.  I had to run before the Best Buy employees caught me frequenting the premises without intention of purchasing.

I wanted to get a bit more into drawing ‘traditional’ dragons.  These are what most people imagine when they hear the word ‘dragon’.  Most often these are Western dragons or wyverns, but some think of Eastern dragons.

Unfortunately, I have no real skill at drawing dragons other than the ones in the HTTYD universe.  So, of course, I went to DragoArt and found a tutorial!

Well, I drew a few dragons, and wanted to color them in somehow.  I did not have enough alcohol markers, nor enough patience to redraw something on marker paper.

So I had to discover a way to color in any sketch I want, without it interfering or smearing onto the other drawings in my sketchbook.  This is why I did not go with graphite.  The way that I discovered had to be easy enough, yet look good and not too sketchy or unfinished.  The answer is probably really obvious by now: colored pencils!

Colored pencils do not smear too easily onto other pages, are easy enough to use, and add nice color, especially if you are using Prismacolor, which has very saturated colors.

I inked the sketches first with my Sakura Microns, then proceeded to color them in with Prismacolors.  I also attempted to use some Koh-I-Noors, but they did not lay down color as well as I was used to, so I only used them sparingly.  I think I may be becoming ‘spoiled’ in a way.  Prismacolors are just so good!  I could never go back to Crayola.

Here is the first dragon.  I drew it from the tutorial here.  The tutorial dragon’s yellow colors appealed to me, but I decided to make it more golden, like Lloyd’s golden dragon.  It looks more golden in real life.

Golden Dragon

And here is the second dragon and its tutorial.


I really liked the blue tones in the tutorial picture, so I went with the same mood.  As you can see, the moon and the color of the fire are the same as in the tutorial picture.  However, I changed some of its details.

I hope you enjoyed this short update post on the little sketches I’ve been doing here and there.  Unfortunately, I need to leave now.  More dragons need to be drawn!




Featured Image: They caught up to us! by Monoflax

All others: Chinesebun


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