Artist’s Loft Sketch Markers Review

While searching for a Prismacolor marker, I instead found these awesome Artist’s Loft Sketch Markers! I was originally planning to buy myself a set of gray scale Spectrum Noir markers at Joann’s, but then decided to head over to Michael’s and get a turquoise Prismacolor.  However, while I was at Michael’s, I was sidetracked by a set of Artist’s Loft markers I had never seen before.  They were priced at $20 for a set of six, which is more than the set of six Spectrum Noir markers for $15 at the Joann’s across the street.

I wasn’t sure if Artist’s Loft was worth it, since I had heard more about Spectrum Noir, but I decided to get them anyway because of my 50% off coupon.

If you’d like to buy some, you can purchase them here: Gray Sketch Markers by Artist’s Loft

photo 4.JPG

There are two different nibs, a brush nib and a chisel nib.  There is a dark grey stripe on the chiseled nib’s side, but it is not very noticeable and does not help me much in discerning which side is which while drawing.
photo 2

Here is a picture of the nibs up close.  You can see the dark grey on the chiseled nib’s side.

photo 3

There were six markers in the set.  Here is what they look like from above.  As you can see, the markers have a more triangular shape, which I find comfortable to hold.  The marker colors on paper matched closely with the plastic ends, but were a little darker.

photo 1.JPG

I tested the marker’s colors on this paper.

The N5 did not work at all for me.  When I first opened that marker, there seemed to be a little bit of dried ink or something on the chiseled nib.  I attempted to test it, but the ink did not flow freely.  I then tried the brush nib, but it was dried out and hard.  I was very disappointed, because I feel that N5 is an essential color for blending between the lighter and darker colors.

Despite this setback, I decided I wanted to try a drawing with these new markers.  The reason I got a grey set was so that I could draw more Toothless, of course!

I quickly drew and inked a drawing.

photo 1 - Copy

I only realized he’s not an anatomically correct Night Fury after I inked him, though.  The perspective’s off too.  He still looks okay, though.

photo 2 - Copy.JPG

I used every color in the set, minus the N5.  All performed very well for me.  For the prosthetic tail fin I used the Copics R22 Light Prawn and R24 Prawn.  For the green eyes I used YG13 Chartreuse.

I am very satisfied with these markers, and am glad that they are half the price of Copics.  They let out a good amount of color, but not so much that they bleed through to the page behind the one I’m drawing on.  They blend ok, but are definitely nowhere near the level of Copics.  I like the colors; they are nice and saturated, all except for the N5.  I’ll rate them 3 out of five.

Overall, I’m very happy with my new purchase!


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