Lego Ninjago Trailer 2 Thoughts

Guess what?  Lego has released a second Ninjago trailer!  And we’re still two months away from the movie’s release date!  I, for one, am pretty happy to already be seeing glimpses of the Lego Ninjago Movie world.  Click read more to hear my other thoughts about this trailer.  

If you haven’t seen it, here is official trailer number 2 released by Warner Bros. Pictures!


For the first time, we see Misako (or Koko)!  Wow!

Oh!  And a cute mother-son moment!

Ok, Misako is extremely gullible.  Didn’t she notice Garmadon’s fake hair?  Or Garmadon’s black skin?  Or his glowing red eyes.  Or, perhaps, his freakish FOUR ARMS?


Misako does admit that she ‘got swept up’.  But still, the guy pretty much REEKS of evil, and she doesn’t take it literally when he says he wants to ‘conquer the world?’  Really?  That’s about as bad as everyone in the Lego Movie not realizing that Lord Business and President Business are the same people.  Lego people are so gullible.

IMG_0522 (2).PNG

Aw! Poor Lloyd!  His dad may be evil, but still!  He needs some friends!  Or maybe Misako should send him to an evil boarding school where people will admire him instead.  At least he could fit in.

FullSizeRender (1) - Copy

Wow!  That teacher is really easy to trick!  Why is she giving all six of them bathroom passes at the same time?  Why is Nya standing on the table?  And if the Ninja often have to save people during school, she should get suspicious quickly when all six need to coincidentally use the bathroom and all six take a while.  Also, how did Nya get a motorcycle?  Lockers are not big enough to fit those.  And why is she driving it in school?


“A true ninja knows when to fight and when to disappear.” -Master Wu, Lego Ninjago Movie

IMG_0523 - Copy.PNG

Why can’t the Ninja hide well?  I assumed that in this movie, they had found their true potential and are pretty good at being ninja.  I guess I’m going to be very disappointed.  I don’t want them to be training and learning during this movie!  I want to see them in their prime!  In Ninjago, they still make mistakes, but at least they are learned, know how to fight, and have unlocked their elemental power!

But Cole…ha ha!


This dragon…I can’t get enough of it!  Just look at it!  It’s too awesome!  The Lego set does not do it justice.

Lloyd’s dad was a ninja too?  Surprising, but not surprising.  Surprising that they’ve made Garmadon a ninja.  Not surprising that Garmadon was one if Wu was one too.  But I thought Garmadon was beyond being a ninja.  I just thought he was a warrior, like Wu.

Why is Garmadon stealing Wu’s pants?  That is low, even for Garmadon.  Garmadon can do better than that!  He defeated the Great Devourer!  He has four arms!  He is the Son of the First Spinjitzu Master!


The Unstoppable Beast, Meowthra?  Hmm, interesting!  I’m very glad about this!  I was originally wondering how the ending would turn out.  At the intended end of Ninjago, the Overlord possessed Garmadon, and Lloyd defeated the Overlord, cleansing Garmadon.


In the end, Garmadon was good but did not just for a random reason turn good so the show would end well.  That is a very unsatisfying ending for me, which is how the Lego Movie ended.  I prefer for villains to turn for real reasons, or be defeated.  In Ninjago, Garmadon was turned evil but not by his own will.  When he was cleansed, he was glad of it.  Therefore, it makes sense and works out for him to become good.

However, if the Great Devourer does not exist in the Lego Ninjago Movie universe, he would just have an about-face for no good reason, making an unsatisfying ending.  With the Meowfla, Garmadon could team up with Lloyd, help his son, and ultimately realize through his journey that being good is not bad.  Thus, because of his journey and character development, it would make sense for him to turn good.  A satisfying ending!  This is just theorizing, and I am hoping that the ending is satisfying for me.

FullSizeRender - Copy.jpg

Now I’m angry at Lego.  It’s like breaking the fourth wall to address the fact that the Ninja are, in fact, Legos.  I appreciated Ninjago and Chima because, even though the characters were Lego, they did not address that fact.  However, in the Lego Ninjago Movie, it appears they are, and that is, unfortunately, not that astounding, since they have done it in the Lego Movie and the Lego Batman Movie.  I just wish they didn’t, since it makes it seem a little less…Ninjago-like.

Some fans have brought up the idea of having an anime Ninjago.  I for one would enjoy that because the Ninja as humans are a lot more appealing.

The second Lego Ninjago movie trailer is quite interesting and gives us a bit more insight into the Lego Ninjago Movie universe.  Now we’ve gotten to see the school and a cool bus!  Also, of course, we’ve seen more of Lloyd’s awesome dragon!  I should give it a name.  I’ll call it Spinjitzu.

Let’s hope to see more Ninjago trailers soon!  Counting down the days to the Lego Ninjago Movie!  Chinesebun out!









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