Lego Ninjago Movie Trailer Thoughts

That’s right, the Lego Ninjago Movie trailer has been released!  Ninjago fans have been waiting for a very long time (luckily not decades) for this trailer so they can see just how much Lego has changed their beloved characters.  What are my thoughts on the movie and exactly how much the Ninja and their destinies have morphed?  Click read more to find out.  

First, let’s talk about the trailer itself.

If you haven’t seen it, here is the official trailer from Warner Bros. Pictures:

Let me just say: I love how it starts out!  This is classical Ninjago citizen humor!  In Ninjago, the citizens are always acting crazy and weird.

Take this example from Hands of Time for instance: Two guys are talking to each other on their cell phones.  Suddenly, the Vermillion Warriors take down the cell tower, and the guys’ phones stop working.  The camera then reveals the two people were standing by each other the whole time!  But they still panic and run around like normal Ninjago inhabitants do.

This situation is so funny though!  Instead of being all, “Save yourself!” the guy wants his new wife to stay with him to the end!  Maybe he can’t imagine her with some other guy or something, but he doesn’t want her to leave.  She does though and leaves him to be stomped on by a giant mech.

In the next part, we see a flyover of Ninjago City.


It appears to be more high-tech, like New Ninjago City, although not quite as advanced as New Ninjago City.  It’s more like San Francisco or Tokyo.  Or San Fransokyo from BH6.

We also see Garmadon’s army.


It is, unfortunately, shark themed.  Why?  I can’t believe Lego would go with this!  I would very much appreciate it if Lego had instead gone with a Skeleton army.  It would bring back a lot of nostalgia, especially if Kruncha and Nuckal were there.  Now they have to give us all new sidekicks whom I hope are as endearing as Kruncha and Nuckal. Lego Ninjago Movie Garmadon’s army is probably too smart to eat a rock-shaped donut though.  (EDIT: I meant donut-shaped rock!)


Okay, can I just say:  I LOVE Lloyd’s dragon!  I am, as you all know, a HUGE fan of dragons.  When I first saw the dragon’s lifelike movement, I was just like, “Wow, Lloyd has either an elemental or very cool pet dragon!  I’m totally getting this set if Lego makes it!”  Turns out the dragon is Lloyd’s robot with rocket boosters on its feet.  That’s disappointing.  But that’s not the worst of it.  Lego IS releasing a set of Lloyd’s dragon.  But it looks like this.



Look at this monstrosity!  This does not at all represent that wonderful dragon in the movie!  Lego, I am SO disappointed in you!  I think you could do better than THAT!  At least give me a brick built head!  The rest would be fine, but that face ruins the whole look for me.


Okay, this is pretty funny!  La-Lloyd?  Also, Garmadon’s face very closely resembles Evil Garmadon from the show, which makes me very happy.  His new character design is also pretty cool too.  And the four arms?  Thank you, Lego!  They could have made him more normal, but instead, he has four arms!  Did he get them so he possess the four Golden Weapons?  The existence of the legendary Golden Weapons is still questionable.  I noticed that Garmadon sounds VERY similar to Lord Business from the Lego Movie.  I even looked it up to see if he was voiced by the same person, but he’s not.

Also, I really am glad that Lloyd is voiced by a man and not Jillian Michaels.  Don’t get me wrong, I like Jill.  But I’m glad that Lloyd is finally growing up.


The Ninja’s new vehicles are AWESOME!  Just look at them!  The one to the left that looks like a spider is confirmed to be Nya’s Water Strider, and the black mech is Cole’s.  It has the word ‘Quake’ on it, so I assume that’s its name.  Kai has a fire mech, (which reminds me of his fire mech from the Stone Warrior Season) and Zane’s Ice Tank is in the background somewhere.  Jay’s vehicle can be seen behind Nya and Cole’s.

I think these designs are totally cool, and I would love to get and build them.  I’m sure they’re chock full of great building techniques and pieces.

Okay, Lego.  Seriously?  Bad Blood by Taylor Swift?  I guess it fits pretty well, but Taylor Swift is Taylor Swift.  All she writes about is boyfriends and breaking up.  I wonder if Lego is using the Weekend Whip at all.  Because the Fold really deserves more recognition.  They didn’t have to write all those extra songs to go along with the Whip Remixes.  But they did.  Because they love writing Ninjago songs.  Also, they’re my favorite band.  They need more recognition!


Oh!  Destiny’s Bounty exists!  Yippee!  I’m sure this will be a cool set, but I am not planning to get it because I just got Final Flight of Destiny’s Bounty last Christmas.  I’m sure other people will enjoy it though!  But the real question is: does it fly?  Please please please fly!


Oooooooooooooooooooohhhhh Garmadon and Wu are battling against each other!

“The battle lines have been drawn, brother.  Sadly, our family has only become more divided.  Brother vs brother, and now son vs father.” -Wu, the Green Ninja

I wonder how Garmadon turned evil, though.  Originally it happened because he was bitten by the Great Devourer.  Will he even have a reason to have turned evil in this movie though?  I hope it’s not just because he woke up on the wrong side of the bed that day.


How can someone NOT love this refrigerator/baby scene?  Lloyd is SO cool! And he’s supposedly only in high school in this movie.


Either Lloyd’s really tired, the light is too bright, or he can’t read very well.  Why did you answer?  It clearly said ‘Evil Dad do NOT answer!’


But Garmadon’s rejection of Lloyd?  So sad.


“Who is this?”

“Lloyd Garmadon, your SON?”

“Hmm.  I must have butt-dialed you.”  -Lloyd and Garmadon, Lego Ninjago Movie

Also, who noticed in the background Lloyd’s book titles?  One says Kung Fu and the other Mechanics 101.  Interesting.  I didn’t know Lloyd wanted to engineer stuff.


Ohhhh!  And Nya is consoling Lloyd.  And Jay is hilarious.  He still manages to retain his humor.

“My mom is weird and collects seashells.  Your dad levels cities and attacks innocent people. So, they’ve all got their quirks, you know.”  -Jay, Lego Ninjago Movie

Ha ha!  The trailer is captivating and interesting.  It is definitely getting me hyped for the movie!  Well, now that we’ve got that out of the way, it’s time to talk about the characters themselves.  Are they really the same Ninja we fell in love with six years ago?

Of course, we’ll start with the main character, Lloyd Garmadon, AKA the Most Awesome Ninja ever.


This art is by Pronastya.  It is called Lego NinjaGo movie: Lloyd Garmadon.  I think it is very nice, and it looks like it took a lot of time.  And just look at his eyes!

As I said before, I’m glad that Lloyd is voiced by a guy.  Maybe I was hoping for someone other than Dave Franco though.  Also, I heard that Season 8 of Ninjago is going to have Lloyd voiced by someone other than Jill.  I’m extremely excited to see the new season and learn who the new Samurai X is.

I’m also thinking that his new character design is pretty impressive too.  He’s got green eyes (so nice!) but for some reason brown eyebrows.  In my opinion that is just too weird.  They probably did that because his light blond hair wasn’t compatible with his yellow skin.  I still think the eyebrows should have been classic Lego black though.

I’m really liking the Ninja’s new gis.  They’re very interesting.  But Lloyd’s hair!  It looks like a surfer dude’s hair!  Not that I’m against surfer dudes or anything.  But it looks like he’s a surfer dude, which he’s not.  He’s a ninja.  I liked his old hairstyle a lot better.


In the Lego Ninjago Movie poster, we see Lloyd’s civilian clothes.  It’s interesting that he is wearing a hoodie.  Many Lloyd fangirls have always headcanoned him as a hoodie guy, and I guess they were either very good at guessing or Lego made their headcanon a reality.

The Ninja are supposedly in high school, and I’m super excited to see a Lego school and how the Ninja would act in high school.

Next up is Cole.  Many Cole fans were very surprised to see Cole’s look.  And I’m pretty sure that they were disappointed and a little mad.  Just ask my sister, a major Cole fan.  And, as you know, Cole fangirls cry the hardest.  You wouldn’t believe how many people ranted about Cole’s becoming a ghost.  But this is like ten times worse.


Jangbrick’s reaction to Cole’s new look in one of his reviews is by far my favorite.

“Ah, Cole, my man, what have the mad, mad people behind the Lego Ninjago Movie done to your hair?  How can you live like that?  Seriously, what have they done, and why?  Just, just why?”  -Jangbricks

Ha!  That is totally me right there!  It appears that Cole has grown his hair out and tied it up into a man bun.  He is using a headband to push back his extremely long bangs.  Underneath the bangs, I think I can see his classic bushy eyebrows!  On his right wrist, I see that he is wearing some type of gold bracelet?  I hope Lego isn’t turning him into a tough guy weirdo.  I may not be the biggest Cole fan, but Cole still deserves to escape this torture of being transformed into a monster like this!

His expression is very nonchalant.  It doesn’t seem like saving Ninjago City is the biggest thing on his mind right now.  In the above picture of Nya consoling Lloyd, you can see Cole chilling in the background.  I hope Lego isn’t making him lazy.

If you’re into Harry Potter, (which I’m not, I just read an analysis on this) Cole’s personality is supposed to be a Hufflepuff, which means he’s very loyal.  Hopefully loyal to Ninjago City.  Instead, it seems like he’s displaying the character traits of a Slytherin.  Slytherins are self-preserving, sly, and cunning.  Lloyd is actually supposed to be a Slytherin.  He’s very ambitious, and he’s calculating as a leader.

Moving on, we have Zane, everybody’s favorite Nindroid!


Wow.  Lego, what have you done?  Zane is no longer Titanium.  But he’s also no longer the beloved human-like Nindroid that everybody fell in love with!  He looks like an expressionless robot.  He has an expression, but it looks like he’s stuck on that.  By the way, he is wearing that face while Sensei is asking if they’ll risk their lives for Ninjago.  Why is Zane happy about that?  I think Dr. Julien needs to do some more work on Zane.


Awwwww!  Jay is SO adorable!  I’m glad someone (ahem, Lego) is retaining part of themselves.  He’s so cute!  And his hair!  Wow!  It’s curly-ish and darker than his original hair.  I still like it, and the freckles are a nice touch.  Also, his hair actually matches his eyebrows!


How can we mention Jay without mentioning Nya, and therefore, Jaya?  I wonder if Jaya will exist in the Lego Ninjago Movie.  It would definitely add some romance…but then all the seven-year-old boys that the movie is aimed at won’t enjoy it.

Nya, it appears, has grown out her hair and tied it back.  She’s fine.  I’m pretty neutral about her new look.  I just hope her personality is the same.

Finally, we have Kai, Nya’s older brother.


Hmm.  Looks okay.  He has his scar, which does not appear in the TV show but does appear in the minifigure.  He also has a band-aid on his face.

But his hair!  It looks like a giant dog or dragon came up and licked it!  Then it dried and it’s stuck like that.  Seriously!  If it’s possible, that hair defies gravity even better than his old hair!  I wonder what brand of hair gel he uses?

Though she’s not a ninja, this post isn’t complete until we’ve mentioned Misako, Lloyd’s mother.  Lego has changed Misako’s name to Koko, for unknown reasons.  Maybe her name was hard to pronounce (Really?  It’s not that difficult) or it was too weird (Hello?  The word ‘Garmadon’ is running my spell check crazy!).


Misako (or Koko) very closely resembles Claire from the Temple of Airjitzu.  She looks a little young to be Lloyd’s mom.  She looks more like his sister or something!  The old Misako was a lot more believable.  And why is her hair orange?  I’m really glad Lloyd did not inherit orange hair from her!

Overall, I’m stunned by the brilliant animation and (hopefully) captivating storyline.  But will fans of the TV show be able to look past Lego’s mistakes?  I hope so.  I’m looking forward to this movie, and am hoping it will not let me down.  Change their looks, change their voices, change their clothes.  But please, Lego, do not change their character.  Do not change their personalities.  I still want to see a funny, cute Jay, and a strong, loyal Cole.  I want to see a caring robot like Zane, built to protect those who cannot protect themselves.  I want to see Kai, who gets angry easily, and Nya, who just wants to join the Ninja’s club and defend innocent people.  Most of all, I just want to see Lloyd, hoping his dad will like him for himself, Slytherin personality and all.  Please, Lego.  Do not disappoint.


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