The Strike Class has struck again

Dragons are so fun to draw!  I can’t stop!  I present to you more dragon artwork.  

First up, we have another member of the Strike Class: The Triple Stryke!  I think the Triple Stryke may be my third favorite dragon.

Here is how the Dragonpedia describes the Triple Stryke.

Vicious. Aggressive. Belligerent. These are only three of the words that describe the Triple Stryke in battle and the incredible fury it unleashes with its trio of braided tails. Displaying an ornery disposition from the beginning of their lives, Triple Strykes make the ideal champions in underground combat arenas. With their barbed hides that deflect attacks, their intense fire blasts that blind opponents, and their tail triad that braids into a single powerful weapon, a Triple Stryke wins most bouts on intimidation alone. But victory sometimes breeds vanity and exploiting this overconfidence is often the only way to defeat a Triple Stryke in battle.

The Triple Stryke has three tails that can braid together.  Each tail has a stinger, and each stinger unleashes a different venom.  The Dragon Wiki states that “the first numbs opponents, the second disorients them with mild hallucinogens, and the third creates the agonizing sensation of your blood burning.”  I would not want to be attacked by a Triple Stryke!

Here are the sketches.

photo 1.JPG

A few days ago, I really wanted to do something with my Copics.  After all, I have never posted anything that I’ve drawn with them, and I thought you guys might be wondering exactly why I was collecting Copics and not using them.  After viewing my collection, which mostly consists of lots of brown and green, and one yellow, I decided that a Triple Stryke was the only dragon I could draw with Copics.  That and perhaps a Hideous Zippleback.

Here is my finished piece of Sleuther the Triple Stryke!  When I first saw him I was like, “How did a Pokemon get inside the HTTYD universe?  He really resembles Pikachu.


I first did a sketch with a 4b and mechanical pencil on Canson sketch paper, then inked over it with my Sakura Micron Pens.  I let it dry.


I used seven alcohol based markers.  Five were Copics and two were from a $10 set I found at Michel’s called #coloring.  

Also, I did some Hideous Zippleback sketches.  I was attempting to get to know the Zippleback so I could attempt one with Copics.  I think they’re a little too tricky though!

photo 2.JPG

I also drew another Skrill, because who doesn’t love Skrills?  I also really like Razorwhips, because they’re pretty cool.  Even their tears are poisonous!  Of course, I sketched 3.JPG

photo 4

I think that now I’ve reached the end of my dragon drawing spree.  This experience was really fun, and I hope to get better and draw more than just Night Furies.  Well, now I’m leaving, because my next drawing destination is more dragons!





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