I’m playing Rise of Berk!

About three weeks ago, I downloaded a new game.

Rise of Berk is a game that can be downloaded on Apple or Android.  In it, you collect, hatch, and train dragons so you can expand Berk.  As you play, you unlock more and more things to do.  There really is a lot here!

There’s battles with Alvin, brawling, and of course, building up Berk!  The more Vikings you have, the more you can do.

The game starts out with Toothless.


You send him to search for a Monstrous Nightmare egg at Lava Lout island.  Hiccup tells you to use the rare currency, Runes, to speed it up.  He does not replace the runes though!  I hate it when games tell you to spend the premium currency and you do, only to find they don’t replace it after the intro!  If you wait one minute you will save runes.  Hiccup continues through the intro, each time telling you to spend runes.  If you continue waiting you will save more runes.  I actually had this game about two years ago.  Then, it was so hard to get runes!  I was a rune-hogger.  I did anything to save runes.  I couldn’t get them back very easily.  And who wants to spend real money on a game?  But now, runes are easy to acquire.  With the daily calendar award, every 5th day, you get like a 100 or more runes!  I now spend runes a lot.

As I continued through the game, a storyline emerged.  Rise of Berk is not updated to follow the movie.  Stoick is still alive, and Hiccup has no idea who the mysterious dragon rider is.  In the game, he is searching for her.  Also, in the game, Alvin attacks Berk, and you have to defend the raids with your dragons.  The higher level your dragon is, the better chance of defeating Alvin.


While waiting to battle Alvin and sink his ships, this image is displayed.  I really love it!  It gets me all hyped up for battling Alvin.  Plus, there’s that awesome Skrill!

You can also brawl with other dragons, to win…stuff.  I actually have no idea how brawling works, because every time I attempt it, the game crashes.


This is what brawling looks like…I think.  Even if I could brawl, I don’t think it fits in well with the HTTYD universe.  Why would dragons from Berk brawl with other dragons?  Especially with Vikings watching?  It sounds a lot more like watching dragons fight for sport, something Hiccup dislikes very much.  He even freed a Triple Stryke from an arena in the episode Stryke Out.  

To get special dragons, you complete collections.  Some things used to complete a collection must be bought from Trader Johann, and others Toothless finds on his searches.  Also, you can buy and open packs.  You have to pay real money for them, except for the free Mystery pack, which you can open about every six hours.

And finally, another thing you can do is send Hookfang, Toothless, Stormfly, Meatlug, and Barf and Belch on a journey.  I do not send my dragons journeying, because the movie dragons are much better at finding stuff for me.  Really, I got half off on them (and spent runes for them), and they are exceptional at finding resources.

I currently have Hookfang, Stormfly, and Meatlug.  I had the option of buying Barf and Belch, but chose not to, because at their highest level, they only find 1.5 million fish or wood per hour.  Other dragons I have can find resources better than that.


I have many dragons, but the ones I use to find resources are my Shockjaw, Rumblehorn (which I got from the Mystery pack), Exotic Whispering Death, Exotic Scauldron, Deadly Nadder, and Hackatoo.  I also use Meatlug, Stormfly, and Hookfang.  Currently, I’m trying to level them all up to level 30, which is the highest my Academy can train them right now.  In order to level up dragons, you must train and feed them.  To do this, you spend the common currency, fish and wood.  Your trained dragons can find fish and wood for you.


For some reason, everyone is always saying you should level up Toothless first.  This is because he is the one who searches for new dragons to put on Berk.  This sounds like it makes sense, but it really doesn’t.  But if you really care about leveling him up fast so you can search for a dragon you really want, go for it.  However, I choose to level up first my fishing dragons (so they can catch more fish and I can level up more dragons), then my wood dragons (so I can train more dragons and then feed them with all that fish), then last of all Toothless and others during the lull while my academy upgrades. Really, it makes more sense to upgrade the resource finding dragons first.  Then you have a surplus of materials with which to upgrade Toothless.

So basically, it’s fun, but, like all games, pointless.  Seriously.  All games are pointless, because they do nothing for your life at all.  They do add some fun though.

Rise of Berk is pretty much an upgrade game.  The process goes like this: find dragon, feed dragon, train dragon.  Send dragon to find stuff, use stuff to upgrade dragon.  Upgrade dragon until the max level your Academy can train it.  Upgrade Meade Hall, then build more Vikings homes so more Vikings can move in.  Upgrade wood and fish storage so you can upgrade the Academy.  Upgrade dragon.  Restart process.

What is that sound?  Oh, Toothless got back from his search!  He better have found me a Skrill…Leaving now so I can continue this fruitless process…













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