Random Post:Polymer Clay, Pencil Holders, and Unicorns

Another day, another random post.  

I have a very good friend who loves HTTYD and Ninjago just like me.  Every time we meet up, we spend about five minutes fangirling over the latest episodes.  She is great, and inspired me to experiment with polymer clay again.

I searched up a tutorial about how to make a Toothless out of clay, and found this.  I used it to make myself another desk ornament!

Here’s mine: photo 3

You may not be able to see in this photo, but I dry brushed his back in blue to give him his alpha glow.

photo 2

However, I did not give him split spikes.  You might also notice he is not very shiny.  This is because I discovered that nail polish causes polymer clay to crumble and become sticky.  Uh oh.  Hang in there, Cat Noir ring.  It is showing no signs of damage, but that could be because I first coated it in Mod Podge and then nail polish.  I hope it doesn’t get damaged.  You may see me making another Cat Noir ring in the future.

When I find a good time, I will be dropping by my local arts store sometime this week to get clay varnish to finish Toothless.

I have also added another thing to my desk.  I hope all of my crafts don’t clog my deskspace…

I have a box in my desk drawer for pencils, but it got really messy.  The pencil box was in my top drawer, which I use as a junk drawer.  To solve this problem (and make Lego Toothless at home) I quickly built a Lego pencil holder!


Works pretty well!  The little drawer opens so I can store things.  The only problem is that the drawer’s interior is the size of a 4×4 plate.  This means I can’t fit my average size pink eraser, but I can fit one pencil sharpener.

Finally, unicorns!  Once again, I do not like the fluffy pink unicorns that do stuff with rainbows.

This is a different kind of unicorn.  I attempted this unicorn about three or four years ago, and thought it looked pretty great.  Now it is definitely not great.

photo 2 - Copy.JPG

I cringe when I look at it.

I decided to try it again for fun, and as practice for my upcoming Star Wars Yoda in graphite.  Here is a wip:


photo 1 - Copy.JPG

I definitely see improvement.  I enjoy going back and trying things again, and seeing just how far I’ve come.  It really brings a new light to my art.

Well, I am off to try Yoda and pick up some varnish at Michael’s.  Thanks for reading!

Baby Toothless by Jinjin Crafts
Unicorn by Final Prodigy
Like Final Prodigy’s work?  Visit Final Prodigy’s Website here!









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