Continued: Hands of Time thoughts

Just found the rest of the Ninjago episodes online.  And what I saw on the last episode is shocking.  Warning!  Major spoilers are in this post!    

“Do not allow your confidence to cloud your vigilance.  I made that mistake once.” -Sensei Wu.

This is exactly what happened to the Ninja in The Attack.  Now Krux and Acronix have two of the Time Blades.

“Pixal, give me a danger analysis.  Pixal!  Pixal, respond.  I need a danger analysis.” -Zane

Uh-oh, I think something happened to Pixal!  Where is she?  Did Zane’s new binary power core do something to her?  Right now, the best contender for the new Samurai X is Pixal.  But why would she hide her identity from Zane?

“You don’t know what you’re dealing with do you? The Vermillion Warriors are the pure first generation progeny of the Great Devourer.” -Skales

I had no idea that the Vermillion Warriors were the Great Devourer’s descendants.  That makes them way cooler, but they’ll still annoying for the ninja to fight since they can reform themselves again and again.

“Come on!  First Jay, now Lloyd?  Does everybody get a new ride for their birthday?” -Kai

Oh!  So that’s how the Desert Lightning and Destiny’s Shadow fall in!  The Desert Lightning  is a bike that Ed gave to Jay as a early birthday present.  It goes so fast that it can counteract the effects of the Slow-Mo Time Blade.


The Destiny’s Shadow is a swamp boat thingamajigger that Lloyd received from Misako for his birthday.  maxresdefault

It flies and resembles the Destiny’s Bounty.  

“I have no idea what any of these buttons do.  And it doesn’t come with a user’s manual!” -Lloyd flying the Destiny’s Shadow

“Do you know who it belongs to?  Our father.” -Kai

Kai, for two whole episodes, has been carrying around a Vermillion helmet.  A symbol depicting a hammer and an anvil are engraved into it.  Kai feels a connection to the symbol, and then realizes it is his father’s blacksmith marking.  Are Kai and Nya’s parents alive?  Yes, they are.  They have been held captive by Krux and Acronix, building the Iron Doom.

The Iron Doom is powered by ‘the apparatus’, engineered by Cyrus Borg.  The Hands of Time captured him to have him build the apparatus, which uses the Time Blades as a source of temporal energy.  Should they gain all four Time Blades, the Iron Doom will allow the Hands of Time to travel freely through time.

Kai and Nya discover their parents are captured by the Time Twins.  The Hands of Time capture Kai and Nya and force them to find the Reversal Time Blade, hidden in the Boiling Sea.  Only  Fire and Water Elementals working together can survive the Boiling Sea.  Kai and Nya agree in order to save Master Wu from the Forward Time Blade’s effects.

Later on, the Hands of Time procure all four Time Blades, and turn on the Iron Doom.  They use it to travel back in time, but Kai, Nya, and Wu stow away with them.  The other Ninja are left behind.  In the past, a battle ensues and Master Wu is cured with the Reversal Blade.  But then the Time Twins decide to travel into the future.  Once again, Kai, Nya, and Wu are with the Twins, but Wu decides to throw Nya and Kai into the present, and travel alone with the Twins into the future.  He also throws the Reversal Blade out with them.  The Iron Doom can’t function with a Time Blade missing.  That happened in the last episode of the season, and I have the feeling that Wu is lost in time with the Twins forever.  At least he defeated them, but at such a cost!  Both Wu and Garmadon, sons of the First Spinjizu Master, are gone!  Who will lead and advise the Ninja now?  Lloyd?  I have no idea how old Lloyd is, but Acronix calls him a child.  How old is Lloyd really?

Major cliffhanger!  And we are told there are no more seasons of Ninjago!  Just the movie to look forward to.  Also, in case anybody’s wondering, yes, in my last post about Ninjago I did want Wu to die…of old age.  It’s natural and a little sad.  Having Wu die in self-sacrifice is too much!  It mirrors Zane’s death and Garmadon’s.

Sigh…….Well….I’m off to research and find out if Wu is really dead.  It can’t really be true…can it?




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