Before and After: Horses and Random Stuff

Once again, I have another Before and After to display on my blog.  This time, it is a horse drawing.  A few years ago, before I received my Prismacolor pencils and learned about colored pencil techniques, I tried my hand at a horse.  I used a picture of a horse I found on a calendar and drew this.


A long time ago, after I bought my Prismacolors, I decided to attempt this drawing again to see how I’ve improved.  Looking back, I can definitely see an improvement between the two drawings.


And now for the random stuff.

I sketched a pegasus that has a rider.  I did not draw a rider, because, as you know, I’m terrible at drawing humans.  I assure you, though, this pegasus has a rider.  I’m still debating the name.

Ta da.

Mystical Pegasus.jpg

Thank you for reading, and of course I will post more soon about the Hands of Time season.






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