New Ninjago Hands of Time Season!!!

There is a new Ninjago season called Hands of Time that has been released in the US!  Fans have been highly anticipating it ever since the new Lego sets released in January.  Click read more to hear what I think about it.  

I think that the first episode started out slowly, but was still good.  The idea of two twins lost in time is so interesting!

The episode starts out with people at Cyrus Borg’s store waiting for the Borgwatch to release.  Unfortunately, Borg totally stole the idea for his watch from Apple.

Next, Wu is waiting for Acronix at the old monastery.  I observed most of the clips from the trailer were of Wu and Acronix’s fight.  The whole time, I was wondering, “Wu, why haven’t you brought the Ninja?  Most of the villains that show up in Ninjago are old enemies of yours!  If you told the Ninja for once, maybe you wouldn’t be in such trouble!”  Think about it for a minute.  Samukai, the Serpentine, the Overlord, Master Chen, Morro…I’m definitely seeing a pattern here…

Okay, now why are the ninja cleaning up the mueseum?  I clearly remember it was Darreth being chased by a Stone Warrior in Day of the Departed.  Darreth ran into the museum, and the Stone Warrior wrecked it.  Also, Dr. Saunders is very suspicious…his watch is the same kind that Wu has!


Then the ninja found this picture.  “It has no historical significance,” says Dr. Saunders.  Well, why is it so big?

The show switches back to Wu and Acronix, who are battling it out.   Wu, with his experience, overcomes Acronix and asks him, “Do you yield?”

Acronix yields, and Wu releases him.  Then the first Time Blade, Fast Forward, shows up.  It creates a “massive energy displacement”.  The Ninja pinpoint the location and find it is at the  monastery.  Lloyd remembers that Wu is at the monastery, and the ninja rush to Wu.   However, Acronix gains possession of the Time Blade, and uses it to give Wu the “Time Punch”.  I later found out that the Time Punch actually has accelerated Wu’s aging, and for every hour that passes, a day goes by for Wu.

The Ninja arrive too late.  Acronix triumphs over Wu, and leaves Wu on the cliff having off a branch.  Jay approaches Acronix, and begins to fight him.  The other Ninja join in, but Acrnoix with the Time Blade is too powerful.  The Ninja combine their elements and fire them at Acronix, but he uses the Forward Time Blade and escapes just in time.  Thinking they’ve defeated Acronix, the Ninja search for Wu and save him from falling just in time.

My thoughts?  During the whole episode, I was, of course, thinking about how Wu went in alone.  I thought he deserved the Time Punch.  Perhaps Wu will learn from his mistake.  Also, if he dies, Wu and Misako can’t be together anymore.  Garmsako forever!!!  Also, for Lloyd, it would be quite weird for him to see his mom and his uncle together.

Over the next few episodes, which I will not overview right now, I had a few more thoughts.

  • Jay, why are complaining about people disobeying refrigerator rules?  It was probably Cole.  He already stole your pudding cup in Rebooted, remember?
  • Wu and Garmadon fighting together is SO cool!
  • I guess there are now two substances that can absorb elemental power, Elemental crystal (like what is in Master Chen’s staff), and Chrono Steel.
  • Dr. Saunders is Krux!!!  What?!!!  Okay, I’m just pretending to be surprised.  I read a long time ago about Saunders being suspicious and how he was supposedly an upcoming villain.
  • Sensei, why didn’t you tell the Ninja in the Tournament season about there being elemental Masters of Time?  That is probably really important!  It could be that Sensei has bad memory.
  • Darreth is really crazy about Borg’s products.
  • Technology is not bad, Krux.
  • Zane, it is impossible for one to gargle pudding.
  • Why did Sensei Wu need Misako’s help to get out of one chair and into another?
  • I really enjoy seeing Lloyd come into his role as Master.  This was hinted at in Possession when Lloyd was given Garmadon’s clothing, but not expanded on until Hands of Time.
  • Edna is weird, because she was being kidnapped, and then she yelled at Jay that there was meatloaf in the freezer.
  • Who is the new Samurai?  Some speculate he/she/it is Pixal, while others say it could be Darreth or Ronin.  Who knows?
  • Will Sensei Wu kick the bucket?  This is kinda mean of me, but I sure hope so.  He’s been alive way too long, and he totally messes up the Ninjago timeline.  Then again, the timeline was already messed up.  How can Garmadon have gray hair and have a teenage son?  Maybe his hair became gray prematurely, but that doesn’t explain his wrinkled face.
  • PIXAL!!!  Where are you?  Did Zane’s total system reboot kill you???  Don’t die!!!!
  • This does not relate to the season, but there are new songs from the Fold!!!  Watch them here:

The Temporal Whip

Rise of the Vermillion

The Time is Now

I really like the Time is Now best.  The Temporal Whip also sounds cool, but Rise of the Vermillion just doesn’t strike me right.

Those totally awesome songs sum up this post.  After the rest of the season airs, or after I find the episodes online, I will probably have more weird random things to comment on.



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