Update on Lego Toothless!!!

I have been enjoying Toothless for a while now.  He is a great company-keeper.  He may not talk much, but Hiccup keeps up a steady stream of chatter.  Joking, but Toothless is so fun to look at that he distracts me while I’m working at my desk.  I chose to make a change to everyone’s favorite Night Fury, though.  Click read more to find out.  When I ‘open’ his wings so he can take flight, something is off.  Perhaps the fact that he can never fold them, due to his prefabricated wings.

photo 1

As you can see, if Hiccup goes into his house through his human-sized doorway, Toothless might fit, but his wings won’t.

When I look at Toothless from above, wings extended, he doesn’t look quite right.

photo 1.JPG

That’s probably because I’ve seen so many pictures, videos, and HTTYD reruns that I recognize Toothless’s silhouette.  That’s not it.  This is.  httyd2-1
Of course, since this is a Lego model of Toothless, it is understandable.  I was fine with it, until I saved up the money to place another order on Bricklink.

The NRG dragon was the inspiration for this, as my sister owned it and it was quite fascinating to watch the wings open and close.  For me, if the wings are not perfect, the dragon is not perfect.

I used the wing building technique the NRG dragon employed, and, along with the parts from my small Bricklink order, added this to Toothless.  photo 4

Now his wings are can open and close, and he can go inside with Hiccup when it rains.  Yay!

photo 2

His wingspan has been increased, which is also good.  The Lego model’s length to body ratio did not match the movie’s, but now that has been fixed.

photo 3 (2).JPG

His silhouette has been fixed.  Terrific!  (And in case you’re wondering, the purple minifig in the background is Little Nelson from Cole’s Rock Roader)

I still need to buy some fabric from Joann’s to put on the wing membrane.  Then he’ll finally be complete!

Credits: Featured Image: unknown
All others: Chinesebun



One thought on “Update on Lego Toothless!!!

  1. A great modification. I used purple cellophane wrapping a few years ago for maleficent in dragon form (with black marker to help out with details), but fabric will be fantastic. Keep us posted on the progress

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