Lego Toothless!!!

Yes, I completed Lego Toothless… Are you ready for the awesomeness?  

My BrickOwl orders finally came in, and I was able to complete Lego Toothless!  The build wasn’t that hard.  It was actually pretty simple.  The real challenge was finding all the parts I needed for a low price.  I ended up using four different sellers, and I believe I spent at least over $20.  A small price to pay for my very own Lego Night Fury.

And here he is!  The long awaited for, mysterious, elusive Night Fury!

photo 1

He is a little taller than Hiccup.  I think this is before-he-lost-his-leg-Hiccup, but Toothless’s rigging and tail match the HTTYD 2 Toothless, so I don’t really know…But let’s just assume that somehow younger, past Hiccup got into the Delorean and traveled to the current HTTYD time.

photo 2


photo 3.JPG

Stormbringer designed every bit of this dragon well!  He even got the angle of the tail right, instead of making both fin pieces lay flat, which would have been easier, but not as good.

photo 1 - Copy.JPG

Here Hiccup is holding on to the saddle like he does at the beginning of HTTYD 2.

photo 2 - Copy.JPG

FISH!!!  Thank you so much, Hiccup!

photo 1.JPG

Hey!  It’s a wild Monstrous Nightmare and Deadly Nadder!  Don’t you dare steal MY fish!

photo 2

Bud, I think we should go now…

Yeah…I’m having WAY too much fun with my new desk buddy.  Now he keeps me company beside my computer!

Thank you, Stormbringer, for bringing such an awesome creation to Lego!  Every single detail on Toothless is spot on!

Toothless from BrickNerd
Beyond the Clouds by Stormbringer
All others: Chinesebun






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