Random Post: Toothless, Lego bricks, and Pikachu!!!

Hello, loyal readers!  I haven’t been here in a while, so I thought it was time to drop in!

I have been doing a lot of things, but haven’t been posting them, unfortunately.  So this is random post compilation of what I’ve done.  Be warned, it’s pretty long.  

Let’s start with…Toothless!  I did some more paper stitching, and stitched a Night Fury!  When I showed it to my friend, she was surprised I hadn’t done him first.  She knows me so well!

photo 1

I also drew Toothless quickly in Sketchbook.

Toothless lying down Sketchbook

This style is much simpler, and I think I’ll be using it more than the other I said I was going to use.  That one was way too hard to do again.  This one is really easy.  I just sketch him, create a layer underneath, and color it in.  I’m going to use this one if I find a particular interesting pose that I’d like to take beyond a sketch.

About the Lego bricks…This Monday, I had to buy some Lego bricks for a VERY special project.  So special, my Lego collection was not massive enough…

I had heard a lot about this place called Bricklink, so I went there first, but it was so complicated, I tried another place called BrickOwl instead.  It was pretty great, and easy to figure out.  I ordered from two places- Venice Bricks and elspanky’s bricks.  Both were great stores, and shipped fast.  The packaging was good, instead of cramming all the pieces into one Ziploc bag, they used small plastic bags for the different lots.

Here’s my order!  I did say the stores I bought from packaged it nicely, but I took it all and stuffed it in one bag in order to clean up my table some.  Speaking of tables, I got a new table to work on!  It’s really a desk, but just the bottom drawer fits all of my art essentials!  Awesome!

Brick orders Venice Bricks and elspanky's bricks

Back to Lego…What could I be building?  Hmm…

Has anybody heard of Stormbringer?  No?  Well, in my opinion, he is about the best Lego builder ever!  Why would I say that?  Take a look at what he builds…

The Boneknapper Stormbringer

The Boneknapper

Dragon training arena Stormbringer

Dragon Training Arena


Beyond the CLouds Stormnbringer

And.. Beyond the Clouds.  That’s right.  What you see before you is the most realistic Lego Night Fury yet.  And I’m building it.  Stormbringer was kind enough to have a change of heart, and provide instructions to anybody who wanted to know.  Stormbringer is a master of Legos.  It’s not sculpting, or just sticking some parts together in a way that slightly resemble Toothless-it’s carefully selecting just the right pieces, because only one piece will do the job.  I’m finding that out the hard way…

And now, Pikachu!

How it happened…I was looking up images of origami, and the first thing that popped up was this adorable Pikachu origami thing!  Of course, I had to try it!

photo 2.JPG

Pretty cute, right?  This is actually my sister’s.  I took a picture of this one because it looked a lot better.

I used this tutorial, which was pretty easy up until the part where I started folding his arms.  I eventually was able to figure it out.

Finally, the last thing…SoD.  What is SoD?  Well, it’s not what’s in your lawn.  SoD stands for School of Dragons.  Many HTTYD fans have heard of it before, and I have finally gathered my courage and downloaded it.  Let me just tell you, it is AMAZING!  Great animation, great plot and quests, great selection of dragons!  I really enjoy it!

I’ve been playing for about two weeks now, and I took a few pictures of my dragons.  I currently have three, a Shockjaw, Deadly Nadder, and a Gronicle.


This is my Shockjaw, Volt.  He’s my favorite, just because he was the first dragon I owned.


Here’s my Deadly Nadder, Shard.  I took her name from Zane’s ice dragon from Ninjago.

And this is my Gronicle, IceSaber.  I was thinking of Sabertooth Tigers when I named him. FullSizeRender (1)

I would recommend this game for any HTTYD fan.  However, it takes a lot of time to load, and high-speed WiFi is a must for fast gameplay.  School of Dragons is an MMORPG, or a Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplay Game, so it requires connection.  Also, sometimes, glitches can happen.  Overall, though, it is still a great game!

So, thanks for reading!  Once a few more BrickOwl orders come in, I will be uploading a post with images of completed Lego Toothless!  Yay!




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