Paper+embroidery thread=

I recently discovered something new that I had not seen before: paper stitching/ paper embroidery!  

Using this technique, I created two cards.  One displays a butterfly with the word ‘fly’ underneath it, and the other one shows a present.

Butterfly paper stitching.jpg

Uncle Mark paper stitching card.jpg

So, the idea behind paper stitching is that you ’embroider’ on it, only it’s paper.  First, I took card stock, folded it to make a card, and laid it on a piece of spare cardboard.  I drew a picture onto my card, then used a tack to punch holes into it.  I erased the pencil marks. and using an embroidery needle and thread, stitched an image onto my card.

I think that paper stitching is an interesting art, but I’m pretty sure it’s not for me.  If I need to make a card for someone, though, this will be my go-to method.

Featured Image: Embroidery on Paper by Mary Corbet\
All others: Chinesebun



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