Random Post:HTTYD Hiccup and Toothless Sketch Dump

I decided that I was fed up with drawing Toothless all the time without his best companion, so I thought that I should spend a little time getting to know how to draw Hiccup.  photo 1 - Copy (2).JPG

I just went onto the internet and used random images of Hiccup that I found.  It’s better than I thought I could do!

Here’s where they started getting wonky… I was in a moving vehicle at the time…photo 2 - Copy (2).JPG

The next day, my sketches started getting better…photo.jpg

I will definitely be working more on perfecting Hiccup.  I think I’ve got his head down, but his hair is still tricky.  He has too many locks!  Of course, I do find the braids Astrid gave him amusing.

Next thing that I’m working on is Hiccup’s body.  To be continued…



Featured Image: Sketcheh by Monoflax
All others: Chinesebun

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