Taking it Farther

After playing around with a Night Fury and my new-found formula, I did a few more calculations and observations to answer some random questions I had.

What is a Night Fury’s typical diving height?  As in, when dive-bombing, how high up does he need to go before letting gravity take over?  I think that he goes up about 400 ft. every time he dive-bombs.

During the raid on Berk at the start of HTTYD, his average dive time is 5 seconds, meaning he is about 400 ft. (121 meters) in the air.

However, when battling the Red Death by dive-bombing, he goes a bit higher, and his dive takes about 6 seconds, which would be about 576 ft. (175 meters)

Finally, when Hiccup and Toothless lure the Red Death into the clouds, they are at about 18, 496 ft. (562 meters).

Another question I had is what is the normal height Hiccup and Toothless prefer to fly at?  That is, when they’re flying and trying to get somewhere, instead of wandering around doing stunts and hoping to stumble across an island not on Hiccup’s map, like in the scene ‘Where No One Goes’, accompanied by the song of the same name.

I thought the best chance I would have of guessing this is when Hiccup and Toothless meet Valka.  They are flying right around the cloud layer, and that seems like a reasonable, comfortable height.

There’s also in ‘Test Drive’, where they dive and Toothless dips his wing into the water.  In both situations, the dragon dives (or falls, which happens in the scene ‘Toothless lost’) for about 7 seconds, meaning that they probably flew at a height of 784 ft. (238 meters)

Also, while watching the scene ‘Where No One Goes’ while thinking about Night Furies, I discovered that Toothless shot out his plasma blasts without his teeth.  This could support the theory that Night Furies have retractable teeth to protect the teeth from their extremely dangerous fire!

But, it could also be that Toothless retracts his teeth for a different reason.  Haddock, who runs Checkmate (an HTTYD analysis blog) pointed out in this post, Toothless seems to retract his teeth often around Hiccup, to make himself what earned him his name.

Although, here, his teeth are out.  1407334184-howtotrain-o

But in this picture, where he’s about to shoot a blast, they’re in!


And here, they’re out!  Which is it, Toothless?! Make up your mind!  image_by_alphafuryofthenight-d8fgdrj

I have a feeling he just retracted them for fun, and that he doesn’t need to retract them to shoot out plasma blasts.  If that’s the case, then he can keep them out for most shots, but retracts them for the powerful ones.  But if that were so, then they would not be out when he was about to kill Stoick, because that was a fully-charged blast.

I guess people will never know, unless they find another Night Fury in the third movie and learn every secret.  Actually, somebody confirmed they were.  I’m not sure if it was Dean Deblois or not, but eh…

I will continue to test the animated world of HTTYD with physics!  Even if it is animated!




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