New Pens and Inked Toothless!

This Christmas, I was very happy to have a Faber Castell Pitt artist pen.  So happy, I left it in my cupcake pencil bag with the lid off and it dried out.  No!  I was so disappointed.  It was like five dollars for one artist pen!

Then while I was at Michael’s, I saw this sale on Sakura Micron pens, three different sizes in one pack, which I of course bought.  I used them to try my hand at inking Toothless.

First, I used my non-photo blue pencil for guidelines, then I went over it in pencil to give myself a good line art, and then I inked it with my Micron pen.

After I had a clean outline, I went and looked at MonoFlax’s Deviantart gallery for inspiration.

And finally, I used my pens for inking Toothless. Ta da!


I like it!  I’m probably going to do more pieces like this to turn my simple sketches into something more.





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