Arrow Quiver!

As the title says, I have a new arrow quiver!


I got a new bow with Christmas money, but then I needed a cool quiver to go with it, so why not make my own?

After searching the Internet, I came up with some pictures I used as inspiration.

Here’s one from Pinterest, and the other was Skylor’s ninja gi from Ninjago season four:The Tournament of Elements.

I followed the tutorial here.  I wanted to make one like Katniss’, but the traditional leather kind was more multi-purpose.

However, I deviated from the tutorial when it came to the straps, because the kind from the inspirational picture looked a lot cooler.

I also made a symbol to decorate the strap that runs over my shoulder, and I of course used the Strike Class symbol from HTTYD.

Overall, I’m very happy with it, and can use it for many things; archery, cosplay, things like that.


Image credits:
Featured Image: Brave by levianne
Quiver Image by Chinesebun









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