The Black Tail


So I basically just copied Dreamsoffool’s style.  But people say that imitation is the best form of complimentary!

I love her style!  It’s so rough, and it looks like it took no effort.  Yet at the same time, every brush stroke contributes to the piece!

My drawing took me a while.  The reason I say this is because I had it going, and it was going well, when I forgot to save my drawing.  It glitched when I went back, and there was no select tool to put the wing back into place.  I had to go back and draw another line art and ink it again.  Finally, I did that and ended up with this.

But I do like it, and I may begin doing more pieces in this style.


For drawing this piece, I just went to Sketchbook Express!  Again.  I really need to get a new drawing app, like Autodesk, but I’m too lazy to wait for it to download.

I drew this picture of Toothless for my fanfiction story.  I called it Protect Your Own.  It’s my imagining of HTTYD 3.  And no, it’s not a horrible fanfiction where they find a Night Fury and that’s that.  Still working on it…it will probably be a WIP forever.

So, I will be back to my busy life again.  Hopefully, by next Saturday, I will have a new arrow quiver to post about.  🙂



Image credits:
Featured Image: Sketching Toothless by Dreamsoffools
The Black Tail by Chinesebun

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