To the Clouds

Due to Christmas break, I had SO much free time I actually sat down and drew!  I decided that I wanted to experiment a little with digital art some more, so I downloaded Sketchbook Express on my iPad mini.

It turns out that what I should have downloaded was Autodesk Sketchbook, because Express didn’t even have the Select tool!  I could only have it if I paid for Pro, and I wasn’t going to do that since I’m not that good at drawing digitally.  Anyway, I was forced to work with Express because I didn’t want to have to go through the hassle of downloading another app with extremely slow WiFi.

I was able to draw this picture of Toothless ascending into the clouds.

image1I am planning to pause my Ninjago fan fiction and go to HTTYD fan fiction.  I really don’t enjoy most HTTYD fan fiction, because they are either immoral, not formatted correctly, or just uninteresting in general.  Some people write a one-page story about Hiccup and Toothless finding a female Night Fury.  She always ends up having babies and then the story ends.

I think that for my story, I will take inspiration from inhonoredglory and illustrate it.  This drawing is supposed to be the first piece.

Also, as most of you know, Christmas is only three days away and it’s a great time to ask for art supplies!  (Of course, it’s also the time a Savior was born, and that’s more important than consumerism)

Anyway, my intermediate family is having their Christmas today, because we travel out of town to have Christmas with our extended family.  I will posting on Saturday about art supplies and fandom things.

I will also definitely use more free time to draw.  Stay tuned!


Featured image: Hiccup and Toothless FLY NOW by waLek05.
All others: Chinesebun

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