Before and After: A Very Short Trek through Time

Remember that roaring tiger drawing?   Well, it finally got finished.

Today, I’m comparing what the tiger looked like when I first tried my hand at it and what the redraw of it  looks like now.

Here’s before.  FullSizeRender.jpgThis is what it looked like a few years ago when I first got started in graphite art.  I didn’t have quality pencils or good art supplies.  I did not know any techniques, such as putting tracing paper over the drawing to stop your hand from smearing it.   Truthfully, I had no experience at all in drawing and could not even recreate the lines correctly.  Overall, now that I look back at this drawing, it was pretty horrible.  >.<.

Here is after.


It is so much better.  It’s true, it could be improved more, but I’m satisfied with it and that’s pretty much what matters.   🙂

Oh, and also, I figured out how to successfully photograph graphite art without a glare and without scanning it!  I might scan it with a ScanSnap scanner, but I don’t want to run it through there because it might ruin the scanner.

Well, I was about to take another horrible photo with my phone camera like I always do, with my bright kitchen lights glaring down at the drawing.  It was night, so there really wasn’t much I could do besides turn off the lights.  But it was impossible to see the drawing if the lights weren’t on.

Anyway, I thought, “Hey, I can always see my art fine when I’m drawing because my head’s in the way and creates shadow, so the lights can’t reflect off it!”

I waved my hand in front of the camera as I was about to snap the photo and then I realized it didn’t have a glare.  I was like, “Whoa! The kitchen lights are still on and I can see the drawing!”

I immediately grabbed my art folder, and there you have it!  A better picture!  🙂




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