Random Post: Cats, Squirrels, Fireflies, and LOTR

This week, around Monday, I received some much-needed free time.  I decided to spend it making a Christmas present for my friend.  After she saw my Cat Noir ring, she asked me to create for her a pastel blue cat charm for a necklace.   toris-cat-charm

My Toothless necklace had a problem, which is that when I wear it, it flips around so that the back is showing instead of the front.

In order to make sure that didn’t happen, I used a jump ring off a broken reindeer charm that I had lying around.  I baked it into the charm, then painted it.

I decided that if I gave her a charm, I had to also give her a box.  I pulled out paperboard from a cereal box and made one.  While I made it and painted it red and green, my sister came up, bored.  I asked her to create a lid for the box.  She did, and it was a good lid.  She said that she allowed an extra centimeter when measuring, but the lid was way too small.  However, if you squeeze the box, the lid will fit, but it’ll create a dent in the box.  So…maybe my friend won’t notice…

I still had some more time before I had to leave for Thanksgiving at my grandparent’s house, so I colored the rest of my squirrel picture.   photo


After this, I went down to my grandparent’s.  My mother’s side and my father’s side are around the same area, so I can visit both sides in one day.  On Thanksgiving Day, I usually go to my mother’s side for lunch and my dad’s side for dinner.

My cousin is a huge Tolkien fan, and so of course I got to discuss Lord of the Rings with him.  He lent me Children of Hurin, so I’ll be reading that after I finish the Silmarillion.  

The Silmarillion is pretty good.  Although, I have yet to hear of Turin and the rest of the dragons.  The only dragon in the book so far is Glaurung.  I need to hear more about the dragons of Middle-earth!

Also, I was just sitting at my grandfather’s house, thinking about Gandalf.  So then, I realized that Gandalf is old.  Like really old.  Older than Sensei Wu from Ninjago.  If Gandalf was an old man from Bilbo’s time, how much older is he in Frodo’s time?

Well, I asked my cousin, and Gandalf is a Maia.  I had always thought that he belonged to the race of Man!   No wonder he seemed immortal!

And finally, Fireflies.  I had heard that one of Owl City’s songs, Fireflies, was really good.  I listened to it, and loved it.  It is now one of my favorite songs!  In fact, I was listening to it as I wrote this post!

Anyway, now all my free time is used up, so it’s back to work for me.



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