Recently, for an unknown reason, I felt like I had mastered Night Furies, and it was time for me to move on to a new kind of dragon.

This doesn’t mean I’ll stop drawing Night Furies, but that I am just adding a new type of dragon to my portfolio.  I don’t like Gronkles (too slow and bulky), Monstrous Nightmares (Snotlout gives them a bad reputation), Deadly Nadders (just not my type), or Hideous Zipplebacks (also not my type).

So I turned to Stormcutters!  photo

Just a few sketches…I’m leaving to go to my cousin’s wedding this weekend, so I didn’t have that much time.

Also, in case you’re wondering about the numbers above the Stormcutter on the bottom, it was because I was comparing Cloudjumper’s wingspan to Toothless’.

According to the HTTYD wiki, Cloudjumper’s wingspan is 45 ft,  the same as Toothless’!  What?!  That’s obviously not right!  Time to do some more measuring…

Seriously, though, the Night Furies’ wingspan to body is supposed to be unrivaled.  It looks like Toothless may have a competitor…  Of course, though, Toothless is fastest, since he’s smaller, lighter, and aerodynamic.

Although Timberjacks have a very large wingspan, and Typhoomerangs also, I think there is a point at which the wings are so huge that the dragon doesn’t have the muscles to sufficiently flap them fast enough.  Instead they glide like Timberjacks.

There’s my dragon rant for the day, and I will get back to practicing Stormcutters.

Featured image: Hi Mom by Tapwing
All others: Chinesebun



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