Acrylic Attempt

Hey, as usual, the title says all.  My friend’s b-day is coming up (but don’t worry, she never checks my blog).  I decided that since she’s a big fan of mythology (she named all her cats after mythical people) I would paint her a cross between a unicorn and pegasus.


Here’s the initial sketch.  I drew inspiration for the pose from Sandara’s fantastic drawing of Nightmare Moon.  I tried to apply some color theory from my new book Light and Color by James Gurney.  As you can also see, I was also planning my color scheme.

I bought an 8×10 back-stapled traditional canvas from Michaels.  I wasn’t planning on this drawing because I needed it for something else, but then I thought of this, so…

I used a watered down mix of blue and white to paint the background and foreground. (It’s a good thing I cropped the background photo.  My bar was extremely messy >.<)

photo 2.JPG


It’s eh. Just remember that it’s a work in progress.  The canvas didn’t work the way I wanted it to, because I expected it to be smoother, but instead it just soaked up my acrylic and made it harder to blend and smooth.  People keep telling me that “acrylic is hard to blend anyway”, but it’s easier than this.

And the reason why the whole unicorn hybrid thingy is gray is because I thought I’d block it in gray and then come in later and just do highlights, but no, my mind doesn’t work like that, so it’s taking me longer.

Since it was late when I started, I put some clear wrap on my palette to save my colors and went to bed.  The next morning, I got up and finished the painting.  It turned out like this:



I like it just as a painting, but I don’t really like rainbow unicorns.  I really like the mythical down-to-earth natural looking ones, not the rainbow-maned ones. I don’t really know why, but I’m more of a tomboy, so that could be why.  I also just prefer natural wild beauties also.


 MLP Nightmare Moon by Sandara.
All others: Chinesebun



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