Toothless and Starwing

This week I drew some Toothless, Starwing, and practiced with Copics.  I also listened to this new song called Day of the Departed by the Fold.  It is amazing.  I LOVE it.  It’s creepy, mesmerizing, and overall awesome.  Please listen now as you read the rest of this post.

Here’s some Toothless to enjoy while you listen.

Hostile Night Fury…



The above is Toothless; notice his saddle.  The one below is Fury.  Also, there is no Hiccup because of aforementioned reasons.

Here’s Starwing…wait a minute.  You’re probably asking who Starwing is, right?  Well, I can assure you that Starwing is not some crazy Night Fury OC I’ve made up.  Scratch it off your list.  Right now.  That’s a command.

He is a Pegasus from the Guardian Herd.  Most of you probably don’t know this, but the Guardian Herd is a book series by Jennifer Lynn Alvarez about a doomed black Pegasus named Star.  I know it’s a kid series, but I like mythology, and I wanted an easier book to read that wasn’t deep, dark, or requiring a lot of thinking (like Tolkien).  I call it hard and soft reading.  Soft reading is easier to think about without having to decipher hidden meanings.

For my soft reading, I picked this series.  By the way, I received from my awesome parents as a present James Gurney’s Color and Light book, which will help me better understand, well, color and light.  I’m so excited to read it!

Back to Starwing. So, while doodling and being (slightly) bored of drawing Toothless, I drew this.

photo 3 - Copy.JPG

I’m not a big fan of the wings, but his body looks great!

So in the book, he’s a black Pegasus.  Black Pegasi are only born once every hundred years in Anok (where the pegasi live), and they inherit starfire on their first birthday, making them the most powerful Pegasus in Anok. So if they have good thoughts, their starfire will be golden and heal, but if they have evil, dark thoughts, their starfire will change to be silver and destroy.

This picture is of him being angry at Nightwing (a former evil black Pegasus who terrorized the herds).  He’s breathing silver starfire because Nightwing killed his friend, Thundersky.

I hope that you enjoyed the music and that it ended roughly around the same time you finished this post.  If not…well, either read the post again, read some other posts on the Ladyblog, admire the drawings, or just wait for the song to finish.  Because it is truly worth your time.




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