Black Cats and Ladybugs

So…I had some free time today…I also spent some on Inktober, just so you know…but anyway…

The result of that free time combined with my daydreaming about Cat Noir became this:photo.jpg

The picture quality is really bad…sorry about that.  >.<

But, you should get the basic idea that it is a black cat investigating a flying ladybug.  This black cat happens to have a green collar, green eyes, and a gold bell on its neck.

I used mostly Prismacolor pencils, but I was forced to use a Crayola pencil on the sidewalk.  With the golden bell, I ever so slightly cheated and used white acrylic paint for the highlights.


Image Credits:
Featured image: Ladynoir Hug by Kanzen-Akai-Doll.
All others:Chinesebun

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