Inktober Prompts: Sad and Hidden

Okay… I missed a day.  BUT I did complete the prompt along with the other one for today.

Here is sad…photo 1.JPGToothless is sad because Hiccup is unhappy that he ate his steak.  I don’t even think Vikings eat steak.  They have yaks, but do yak steaks taste any good?  But if they milk their yaks in Berk, why do they eat them?  We don’t eat dairy cows.  Hm…

And this is hidden.  

photo 2.JPG

How hard is it for a dragon that supposedly is 20 ft long to hide in a tiny bachelor Viking’s house?  Let’s just say very hard…

Also, I know he is missing a wing, but he was supposed to be RIGHT next to the bed.  How he moved is a mystery to me.




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