Inktober Prompts: Noisy and Collect

I was a day late getting started with Inktober, so here are two to make up for it.  photo 1 - Copy.JPG

For the #2 prompt, noisy, I did a girl (yes, her anatomy is horrible >.<) with headphones and notes.  I had done a better one with good anatomy, but I accidentally messed it up, and now I have this one with horrible anatomy.

For the #3 prompt, collecting, here’s a girl collecting ideas.  That’s me sometimes, when I have too much time on my hands.  (unfortunately, that doesn’t happen enough.  Too bad, right?).

photo 2 - Copy.JPG

I also messed up on her, but I was really busy today, as I’ll be the next day, and the next, and so on…


I’ll admit, I’m kinda failing, but maybe I’ll last through Inktober.  And I should work more on human anatomy.

I’ll be off to practice that….


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