Realizations… O.O

So, I did not realize that yesterday was the start of Inktober.  I had been considering it, since I was really horrible at inking, but hadn’t really decided to commit myself to it until I received an email from Sketchbook announcing they were joining in on Inktober.

With that, I decided to join in the fun also.  I’ll attempt to draw and post an inked drawing everyday here for all of Inktober, following the prompts at

So today’s prompt was ‘fast’.  What’s better than a running stallion?   Maybe a Night Fury, but I didn’t think of it.  Aww……

Here’s the sketch after inking…
Here’s the final drawing with added details and lines erased.

Okay, so it’s not as good as other people’s drawings.  But I’m not trying to get into inks.  I’m just trying to become better at using my brush pen.  Now that I’ve had the courage to attempt inking with the possibility of it messing up an awesome drawing, and had it work, I’m starting to like my brush pen a lot more.  🙂




Official Inktober Website
Sketchbook Blog Inktober

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