Black Kitty

This week I spent time drawing Cat Noir and the amazing Adrien!

I had trouble drawing Cat Noir due to his uniqueness and because I have no idea of anatomy.  However, I did complete this.


References were used in order for me to know where the lines and cuffs on his cat-suit were.

Here’s a cleaned up version.


Oh no.  I just realized he has NO ring on.  O.O  He cannot be Cat Noir without that ring.

Moving on, I drew this (with the help of DramaticParrot). photo 3.JPG

I simply looked up “how to draw Cat Noir”, and this magically popped up!

Of course, we can’t talk about Cat Noir without mentioning Adrien, with his gorgeous flowing locks!  I think most, if not all, of the Miraculous Ladybug fandom can’t help agreeing that he has awesome hair.

photo 4.JPG

Once again DramaticParrot helped me draw Adrien.  I can only draw Cat Noir but not Adrien.  When I draw Adrien, it just doesn’t work.  During this drawing, I kept messing up on his right eye because I accidentally made the drawing too small, and didn’t realize how much detail they were fitting on him, so all the details got lost in the smallness of the drawing, if that makes any sense.  He also was starting to look like a girl, and I HAD to fix that.

So now I have these cool drawing of Cat Noir and Adrien.

Featured Image: Behind Closed Doors by unknown
All others:  Chinesebun
Video credit:  DramaticParrot
How to Draw ADRIEN from Miraculous Ladybug
How to Draw CHAT NOIR from Miraculous Ladybug





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