Jewelry woes >.<

A while ago I lost my Lego Ninjago watch and WWJD bracelet.  I know.  It still hurts.  Especially the money I’ll need to pay to get a new watch.  

Anyway, so with that space cleared on my wrists, I thought is was time for me to begin looking at jewelry ideas.

I knew that I needed to get a watch for my left hand, so that space was reserved.   I already had a Cat Noir ring, or else I would have gotten myself a golden ring for LOTR.

However, I did find this really cool design from Wanelo for my right hand.  It’s the One Ring!


Luckily, it’s only $3.99!  I’m so happy!  I just might get it…

Oh, and are you wondering why I was using the past tense above?  That’s because the same day I ordered a new watch, my friend said she found my belongings and gave them back.  I’d ordered off Ebay, so I couldn’t cancel.  So now I have an extra watch coming in the mail.    >.<     I might give it to my friend for Christmas, though.

I really didn’t do much after all this week because I was once again really busy.  And I still haven’t finished that bookmark.

Oh well.  It will eventually get done for my favorite cousin!

I better get back to it.  Or actually to not doing it.










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