Random Post: Wips

I’ve done nothing with my week.  Again.  

Luckily, with Labor Day coming up, I get an extra day for my weekend!  More art perhaps!

I have done a few things with my week though.

I colored a picture of a squirrel from one of those fancy coloring books.

photo 2 - Copy.JPG

For some reason whoever designs adult coloring books thinks that they like mandalas and random designs.  I may be a random person, but that doesn’t mean I like random coloring!  The truth is that coloring all of those tiny details drives me insane.  It’s the same reason why I can’t draw hair, leaves, etc.

I worked a little on my tiger drawing and almost finished it. On the right bottom corner, there should be hair, but there’s not, and that’s because, once again, I don’t draw hair, and I got lazy.  I will go back when I have time, but I’m trying to work on a bookmark for my cousin.

photo 3 - Copy (2)

I couldn’t get rid of the glare.  Graphite just does that.  I stayed up really late watching a movie last night, and so I didn’t take pictures for this post, so I scrambled around and made pictures with a cell phone this morning for a Saturday post.  I tried to do a daily post, but that was way too much, so I cut down to ‘whenever’ posts.  I try to do one on Saturday at least.  However, according to my stats, most of my visitors visit on Sundays!  What’s up with that?  Lazy Sunday afternoons?

Here’s the bookmark that I mentioned earlier.

photo 1 - Copy.JPG

I went down and visited my cousin a while ago.  (Yes, this is the same cousin who told me where my beloved hobbit Bilbo was hiding).  I showed him my Toothless in the Night Sky bookmark, and he wanted me to make him one, minus the Night Fury.

Since he loves horses, I decided to make him one with the silhouette of a horse and rider on a hill, and stars in the background.

So there’s what I’ve done this week, but hopefully I’ll have more time with my holiday.






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