The Random Post: Sketches, Antiques, and LOTR

This is a Random Post. Expect a Random Post when my week has been fruitless.  It could also be called an update.

photo 4

That’s right, another Miraculous drawing!  I used my blue Prismacolor pencil for the baseline, went in with a soft 4b to establish forms, and then a plain HB mechanical.

Now that I’m looking at  this mediocre picture of it, it doesn’t seem that great anymore.  It was at the beginning of the week though!  Sometimes I think something looks good, and then I come back later and I go, “I drew that?  I though it was better than that!”  >.<

Here’s a Toothless sketch.

photo 3

I also decided to do a little experimenting with Copics.

photo 1 - Copy

I did this a few days ago. (make that a week!)   I used YG11, YG13, YG17, E37, and E25.  When I sketched it, I used my light blue Prismacolor pencil,  but I forgot that the pencil had wax in it.  Thus, the very light line around the eye.

While digging around in some drawers, I found this really old vase that I made a long time ago.  It’s not really an antique, but let’s call it that anyway.

However, I do have an extremely old dictionary.  I think it’s older than me, and it has been duct taped together because it was falling apart.  Now that’s an antique.


photo 4 - Copy

It’s been sitting in a drawer for a while, and unfortunately got really beaten up.

That’s pretty much all I did that was art related, except for trying to finish my graphite tiger, getting distracted, and epically failing.  (according to spell check, that’s not a word.  Who knew?)

I also read more of my four-pound book.  Bilbo was in Rivendell!  I had visited my cousin before I got to that part, and asked him to spoil it for me.  (I was just so worried about poor Bilbo!)

Also, I was studying the map of Middle Earth that I found in the front of the book, and Bilbo was all the way to the Mirkwood forest or somewhere around there by the middle of The Hobbit,  and it took Frodo half the book to make it just to the Last Homely House. He was definitely was taking his sweet time!

Anybody else love this part of the poem?

One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them,

One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.  

It’s so creepy!  But at the same time, mesmerizing.


And so that’s an update on what I’ve done this week.  Thanks for reading!

The first official Random Post has come to an end.










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