What I’m reading with my new bookmarks

Just a precaution, this post is filled with randomness.  Please tread carefully.  

Since bookmarks are for books, I decided to tell my readers what I’m reading.

During the time I was writing the post before this, I was reading The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien.    It was a really good book, and made me want to read the Lord of the Rings series.  Supposedly it was not intended to be a trilogy, but a novel of six books plus appendices.

Currently I’m on The Fellowship of the Ring, which I checked out from my local library, along with The Two Towers.    I reserved them online though, and there were like three different editions of the first book,  so I picked one and went with it.

Unfortunately, it turned out to be this huge book that weighs at least a pound.  It reminded me of this other time when I tried to read the four Sherlock Holmes novels,  and they were all put together into a ginormous book that dominated the kitchen bar for a week.

I think I should have just gone to the library in person instead.

I like The Fellowship of the Ring so far, but what I don’t like is that Frodo Baggins is the main character (or so I believe).

For some reason, while reading The Hobbit, I got extremely attached to Bilbo and his ring.  When I discovered that he was, first of all, an old man, I was disappointed. Then, when I found out that he really doesn’t have much to do with the plot at all, I freaked.

Another random thing involving Bilbo is that I was watching a video on Jangbricks, which is run by a person who loves building with Lego bricks and reviews Lego sets.  Today he was instead playing the new Lego Dimensions game, and there was this person called the Tri. The story behind the Tri is that they are a hypnotized mishmash of Metal Beard from the Lego Movie, Green Lantern, and an unknown from Lord of the Rings.  I immediately thought it was Bilbo, but after looking it up, discovered it was Frodo.  I had a mini celebration at my computer about then.

All in all though, it really is a good story.

Since this is a random blog, and it says at the title page ‘Ladyblog:  The place for all things random’, I thought I might also include something else about Jangbricks.  It appears that he is either very rich and has an endless cache of money somewhere, or he has a really good job.  While watching one of his haul videos, he pulls out about 500 bucks worth of Lego sets.

I wish I could do that!   Copics can empty your bank account pretty quickly.

Anyway, I better get back to my overly huge book.

Thank you, once again,  for reading another post filled with randomness!




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