What I thought about Pete’s dragon

Let me just tell you that this is not a review of the movie.  See how “dragon” is not capitalized in the title?  This is a review on Pete’s dragon, as in an analyzation of his dragon.

If you do click the “read more”,  I must warn you of slight spoilers.

Just so you know, his dragon’s name is Elliot.  I’m not too fond of the name, but I won’t criticize.

Let’s start with Elliot’s appearances.  If you’ve seen the trailer, you know he’s green all over.  Another interesting things is how huge he is.  The movie starts out saying that dragons are a myth in the location it takes place in.  So if he’s that big, how did he hide so well?  The problem was solved by giving him the ability to camouflage, like a Changewing. He mostly used it to turn invisible or blend into the forest.     A very different element, but it worked.

Elliot’s  head looks like a furry dog’s, which is cute, but I don’t prefer that in a dragon.

I noticed how his left front tooth is broken.  I expected it to be revealed, but it wasn’t.  Dreamworks often pays attention to the tiniest detail, like Toothless’s scars, but this movie was by  Disney, who added in this detail for interest, nothing more.

His brown eyes also seemed humanoid, because the sclera (the white part), which is normally hidden in animals unless they are frightened, was seen.

He’s kind of stocky compared to other artist’s depictions of dragons.  His tail isn’t as long as his body, which I have commonly observed in most dragons I see.   His feet were just like green dog paws.

Elliot’s  wings at least are the length of his body, which is good for his flying.  It means he flies about normally, you know, not at supersonic speeds, but not at the speed of a Gronkle.

But his wings were slightly translucent.  They were also kind of flimsy-looking compared to Toothless’ strong ones.  He also had some problems flying, because he rocked from side to side enough to seriously hinder his flying, though there was no indication of the reason why.  Although I suspect it’s because he has no stabilizing fins to help him stay upright.

Since we’re talking about flying, I might also add that he was completely weightless when he flew.  His thin wings barely did any effort.  Sure, they flapped up and down, but didn’t extend down like I think they should have.

When he ran on the ground, I could see the effects of gravity better.

Also, his wings didn’t go down his back very far.  For example, on Toothless, his wings go from his shoulders all the way down his back.   See?httyd2-1 But Elliot’s start at the shoulder and end halfway down the back.

Then, of course, there’s his fur.  Not a shining sleek companion like Toothless. Or even a scaled wyvern.   A furry dragon.  It makes for a comfortable ride for Pete, but doesn’t help Elliot’s aerodynamics any.

You know how some swimmers shave off leg and arm hair because it causes slight drag?  This much hair might cause significant drag.   Although it could somehow work how bird’s feathers work, except I have no idea how they work.

So that’s my opinion.  The rest of the story was great.  The characters and all were good.  I would definitely recommend this movie, except to people who are hardcore scientists and analyze everything like me.









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