Geek? I think not.

While sitting here at my computer thinking about Ninjago, I thought, “Well, how big is Ultra dragon really?  He can’t be bigger than HTTYD 2’s Bewilderbeast, right?”  

I have no idea how to work formulas like other people do to figure out Toothless’s aerodynamics or mach cone thing,  so I simply used the most logical and easiest thing I could think of:  simple measuring.

Please keep in mind that these measurements are extremely rough.

This is not my picture, nor is it my build.  I have no idea whose it really is, but there were no good pictures of Ultra Dragon in the show, and the official set by Lego just doesn’t work.  The wings were placed sideways in Lego’s build, and heads were stacked on top of each other.  You get the point.

Ultra Dragon

I assumed that one person (Lloyd) is two feet wide at his shoulders.  That’s pretty wide, but meh!  If that’s so, than Ultra Dragon’s wingspan should be  93 1/2 feet.


Assuming that Ultra Dragon is the same height as the other dragons, (since he is just a mishmash of all four of them), he is about 8 feet tall compared to this dancing skeleton, supposing the skeleton is six feet.   This measurement is from the ground to the shoulders, like how people measure horses.

Ultra Dragon2Which means that the wyvern above is a little bit bigger (about 1/2 a ft. bigger) than a Deadly Nadder, which is 7 1/2 ft. tall from ground to shoulder, compared to Astrid, who according to Dreamwork’s official site, is 5’9, about 6′.

Ultra Dragon1

But according to this picture of Lego’s official set, Ultra Dragon is 15 ft. tall.  I’m gonna go with this measurement, since he is a massive dragon.  Sorry about the bad-looking sixes.  My graphics tablet wasn’t working that well.

So what’s his length?  According to the very first picture we used, his length is about 60 feet, from head to tail.  This also includes the little ball at the end of his tail.   This means that he isn’t too great at racking up speed, especially when we take into account his not-so-aerodynamic build.

Unfortunately, his weight is still unknown.  I’ve looked everywhere on Red Death and Bewilderbeast weights to use for assumptions, but there are none.

Also, there’s the weight problem about animals over fifty pounds not being able to fly.  No ones’s ever told me why,  but I’m pretty sure it has to do with the muscles to weight proportions.  Ultra Dragon could possibly fly if  he had hollow bones, but I still think Toothless is the most realistic dragon I’ve ever seen.

BUT  I did find out that the ‘Book of Dragons’ by Maggie Testa along with the HTTYD wiki say that Toothless weighs approximately 1,447 lbs.  And a fully-grown Monstrous Nightmare weighs about 5,000 pounds.


This picture on Dreamwork’s site states the Monstrous Nightmare’s height is 6’1, from the ground to his back, not counting the large spikes running down his back.  If Hookfang is 6 ft. high, and Ultra Dragon is 15 ft. high, we know that Ultra Dragon’s got to be over 10,000 lbs.

So Ultra Dragon’s final stats are:

Wingspan: 93 1/2 ft.

Height: 15 ft.

Length: 60 ft.

Weight: 10,000 +?

By the way, let’s see how Ultra Dragon measures up to the great Bewilderbeast. Because Dreamwork’s site doesn’t tell about how long the dragon is, I used the HTTYD wiki, which says the Bewilderbeast is 520 ft. long, and 160 ft. tall.  Ultra Dragon is definitely dwarfed.  


Geek?  I think not.  Obsessed fangirl?  Totally.


Images credits:
Title page: ULtra Dragon by Joshuad17
All the others: Unknown.  I do not own any of them. All credit to the owners.

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