IT’S FIXED!!!!! (And I have new supplies)

My ring is fixed!  Anybody else happy?  Because I am!

I used a neat hack!  I wish I invented it, but I’m pretty sure someone
else already has.

It also reminds me of how my friends and I were contemplating why the plural of goose is geese, but moose isn’t meese.  I though it was totally original the whole time, until I read about it somewhere else.

Anyway, so I glued the bits together, and it was pretty good, except there were still shards missing.  I took my paintbrush and filled the cracks with Mod Podge, then painted it with black acrylic paint and clear nail polish.  And it worked!

Anytime something else like that breaks, I’m just gonna fill the hole with Mod Podge and hope it works.  🙂

My conclusion:  Mod Podge fixes everything.

Also, I went to Michael’s yesterday, and bought another Copic (colorless blender), and a Prismacolor pencil (1086, Sky Blue light).

About every artist I see uses some kind of light blue pencil for guidelines, then goes in later and does clean graphite lines.  I’ll watch a speed art demonstration of Toothless or something, and the person will have a pencil and be drawing, but I see nothing.  So then I’ll be  like, “Dude, nothing’s there.”

So I decided to get a Prismacolor and try it, but it’s not really working.

Artist confession: I can’t see my own lines.    And after some research, I found out the light blue pencils others use are non-photo blue pencils.  

So maybe I’ll keep looking and find a non-photo blue pencil.




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