It happened… >.<

Let me just start out by saying never do this.

Don’t ever make yourself a Cat Noir ring out of clay, bake and paint it, wear it, then go inline skating,  skate too fast, and smash your hand into a lamppost, breaking your beautiful ring.  Never.



It’s totally, completely, utterly broken.  I’m really mad at myself right now.  (Hence the Toothless picture)  It snapped right down to the metal.  But!  There is yet hope!

You see, my sister broke my Toothless necklace a while back, and I simply glued the two parts together and painted it.  I’m gonna try that, but some of the shards are lost since it didn’t break cleanly like the necklace charm.     If that doesn’t work, I’ll put new clay on and bake it. I have no idea if it’ll work, but everybody I ask says ‘do it’.

Finally, there’s always the option of another ring, but of course, I’ll never have one just like the old one.

Guess I’ll spend my Sunday afternoon fixing it.

Remember, don’t ever do what I did.


Images credits:
Featured image: Toothless by Dreamoffools.
All others:  Chinesebun

2 thoughts on “It happened… >.<

  1. OMG that’s terrible 😱😥😭
    Don’t know if this helps, but I made my Cat Noir ring out of plastimake. It’s really hard to break and easy to fix. Maybe you’ll have more luck if you use it. You can order it off the internet. If not, then I hope you fix your old one.

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