Finished ring and more jewelry!

The Cat Noir ring turned out great!  I must admit though, it has lots of little holes, bumps, protrusions, and such.  Luckily, black is a forgiving color, as it doesn’t reflect much light, and it  hides shadows very well, because they’re black too!  photo 1 - Copy (8)

The paw pad is a little skewed, but hey, it worked!  I painted it with acrylic craft paint and the top with nail polish.  I originally sealed it with Mod Podge, but it was matte, so I used a clear top coat of nail polish.

My sister also decided to create a ring.  Hers was smoother than mine though, because the clay was less sticky than before.  She also figured out that if you work with the clay too much, it will become sticky.  I struggled with mine for a good fifteen minutes.  >.<

Panda Ring Hope

It’s a cute little panda!


Last of all, after seeing a bunch of HTTYD jewelry, I decided it was time for me to create a Toothless pendant to be used on a 2 - Copy (8)

It was really simple, because all I had to do is roll some clay flat, trace a tail with a toothpick, make some fine lines for the bones supporting the fin, bake it, and paint it!

(Yes, I know about the Hairy Hooligan symbol depicted on his prosthetic.   I just didn’t feel like putting it on.  Somebody told me they think it looks evil.)

I’m also planning to make a few more charms to switch out, like a brown cross, a silver fish, a ladybug symbol, maybe a Lego brick…

As you can see, I’ll be very busy now…  XD


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