Toothless Rework

Okay, so you know those little images called Gravatars that represent us, the bloggers?  If you don’t change them, there will just be a little cute pattern.  But it doesn’t really express one that well, right?

I knew I needed something unique for mine, but I didn’t have anything good enough for it and of course, I couldn’t use a simple screenshot from HTTYD or someone else’s artwork, so I picked my smiling Toothless drawing.  But every time I looked at it, I hated it because I knew it didn’t look good enough.  So I decided to remake it.

The original.
Toothless Rework1
The edited version

I didn’t totally remake it, I just edited it and redid certain parts. I redid the eyes so they would match his eye color better, and the tongue.  For some reason, the tongue really bothered me, so it was the first thing I did.

I also worked on the wings some, so instead of being a grey shape with lines, they had actual shading, letting the wing bones have depth.

With the background I didn’t do anything, except where I messed up on the outline, put in some white, and blended it together to make it look like nothing happened.  But I did fix the grey shadows on the clouds which stuck out too much in my opinion.

I also slightly fixed the shape of the tongue because it did not look very natural at all.

So, what do you think?   Old or new?




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