Cat Noir Ring!

So you know how I was doing this needle art project?    Well… I kinda got bored because it was so tedious.  To help myself concentrate,  I listened to the whole HTTYD soundtrack.    I’m kinda weird because when I’m doing something repetitive, I need something to listen to or watch, and I only draw good sketches when I’m really focusing, or when I’m bored of listening to people talk.    Anybody else?  No?  Okay.

Anyway, I turned myself to another pressing project… a ring.

While searching up how to make a Cat Noir ring, I found this awesome one by Mandy Blossoms.


It looks really easy because it only takes oven clay, nail polish, a metal ring, and…gulp…experience.   I have no experience with sculpting at all.

However, I am still hoping to attempt it, if I can find the time to go to JoAnn’s and Michael’s to pick up the supplies.

I also really love the music in this video.  I looked it up and discovered the song is Crush, originally by Jennifer Paige.  This version is a remix.  If you just look up Crush Remix by Jennifer Paige, you’ll find it.   I listened to the song about three times in a row.  For some reason, every once in a while, I hear a song, and get to where I listen to it a lot, learn the words, then find myself another song.  First it was That’s how You Change the World, (Newsboys) then Counting Stars, (OneRepublic)  and now this.  XD

Also, I will still continue to work on my Plum Blossom plant thingy. I still can’t believe it’s a plum blossom and not a cherry blossom tree.  It’s aggravating and mind blowing at the same time.

Wish me luck on my ring!


Featured Image:  Unknown
Miraculous Ladybug Cat Noir Ring Tutorial by Mandy Blossom





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