Back from Berk


Hi!   I’m back, and I had a great time in Berk!  I met up with my amazing friend O, who, like me,  likes Copics!      She also enjoys watching Outrageous Acts of Science, Mythbusters, and What could Possibly Go Wrong?,   just because she enjoys anarchy and explosions.

I did a bunch of art-related things, like Chinese calligraphy, cross-stitching, and just plain drawing with O.

She drew these in my sketchbook:


I have no idea why she called Claire what she did.  The bamboo was done with my Copics.


I did these:



The portrait on the left is a picture of a random girl.  (Not my friend!)   The other girl on the right is fanart of Camille from the Tournament season of Ninjago.


I made this box with tissue paper and a lot of Mod 1 - Copy (7)

First, I used a small foam brush to paint on a layer of Mod Podge.  Then I put down  a few bits of tissue paper and painted on more Mod Podge.  I have no idea what the little thing on the bottom right corner of the box is or how it got there, but it won’t come off.


And finally, cross stitching.  It was a pre-packaged set featuring  a plum blossom tree, but it looks like a cherry blossom tree.  I’m not sure where it was bought, but it was of the brand Needle Kung Fu.    It should look like this when it’s done:

photo 2 - Copy (7)

But right now it looks like this:

photo 3 - Copy (5)


O and I joked about how when we were old enough to have had the time to have finished it, we’d be so old we couldn’t see the stitches.  XD

So that’s what I did in Berk.  I also made sure to check for bedbugs, and I didn’t use hotel WiFi.    I did, however, spend lots of time in the pool.

Keep drawing.


Featured Image: Unknown
Others:  Chinesebun and Friend




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